Island of Ustica Study and Documentation Center
Membership Application Information

Please print both the English and Italian application forms.  Use the English form only as a scratch copy so that you will understand which items need to be filled out in the Italian form.

The transfer and currency exchange of international funds is both costly and cumbersome for a foreign-based non-profit, such as the Study Center.   The directors of the Study Center suggests that all U. S. applicants submit their dues to the U. S. Collaborator, Chris Caravella.   Checks should be made in Mr. Caravella's name or you can pay by credit card at using Mr. Caravella's e-mail address,, as the recipient.   Funds are tranfered by wire directly into the Study Center bank account when a significant amount of money has accrued to offset the cost of the wire.   Send application forms and/or checks to:

Chris Caravella
U.S. Collaborator, Centro Studi e Documentazione di Ustica
59 Allard Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70119

Annual membership fees are due each January.   There are 3 levels of membership from which you may choose:
Adherent 52 Euro
Ordinary 104 Euro
Founder and Sustainer 259 Euro
Use the currency exchange rate link to get the most current US dollar amount for membership, and please add an aditional $5 US to help offset the cost of the wire.

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