2004 Centro Studi Social 2004

On Saturday, April 24, the members of the Centro Studi and our out-of-town guests gathered for a social at the home of Chris Caravella in New Orleans.   Thanks to Marcello DiMauro for the huge photo shoot!

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JoEva Flettrich / Marcello DiMauro
Angelo Bertucci

The banner requires a minimum of 10ft for display so it's rarely seen outside of church.

Maria Compagno, Costantino Tranchina, Nancy Stone

Stephanie Prima

Thais Carriere

Mary Louise Caravella (Chris' cousin from Houston)

Charlie Calderaro, Father Alessandro Manzone

Marilyn Barbera at the computer

Gisela Calderaro reading German text

Judy Gordy, Jean Bitner

Christopher Skinner

Vito Ailara

John & Pat Ledet arrive

Chris caravella

Audrey Giardina, her sister Candy, Charlie Giardina and Candy's husband, Stanley.