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Posted by Rodneu Mattina on 10 FEB 2003 23:22:45

Chris, your work is absolutely wonderful. Bless you! In looking at the MATTINA genealogy, on the Ustica chart,there is no further info on Antonino (b.30-Jun-1823), son of Giuseppe and Grazia Palmisano. On the America chart, there is an Antonino (b.bef 1833)m.Rosa Martello. I think these Antoninos are the same person because: Antonino and Rosa named their first son Giuseppe and the first girl Graz ia. The second son was named Giuseppe and there was no other girl listed.Since Antonino's (b.30-Jun-1823)parents were Giuseppe and Grazia, and Rose's father was also Giuseppe, I think he is the same person as Antonino (b.bef 1833).The dates and children's names match.This would close the missing link back three more generations for my family.What is your opinion. Thanks!

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