The Molligan (Mollica) Family

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Posted by Raymond Laque on 22 JAN 2010 14:57:24

My name is Raymond H. Laque, Jr. and I am trying to locate any descendents of my mother’s father’s family. My GG Grandparents were Pietro Mollica 1839–1912 (changed to Molligan) and Giuseppina Verdichizzi 1849–1933 (changed to Virgets) both were from Ustica and came to New Orleans sometime before December of 1866 when they got married here in New Orleans. They had 12 children and my G Grandfather Joseph “Dan” Molligan 1881-1959 was one of them. His brothers and sisters were Nancy 1870–1955; Augusta 1871–1936; Michel 1872–1945; Philip 1877–1930; Lena 1879–1947; Dominick 1883–1944; Rosa 1885–1961; Nicolos 1887–1965; Salvatore 1890–1902; Anthony 1892–1936. The twelfth child I can’t seem to locate any info on and the only reference to a twelfth child is from the 1900 census which states at the time census was taken, Josephine had 12 children and only 11 were living. From what I found out so far is that both Nancy and Lena never married. I would love to be able to find pictures of my G Grandfather’s parents and brothers and sisters. I can be contacted via email. or by phone 337.296.0805

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