Ustica to New Orleans

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Posted by Rebecca Rapp on 16 SEP 2012 22:44:31

I'm so thrilled after several years of research to discover that I am the direct descendant of the Bonanno family in Ustica! I can finally fill in the gaps and look forward to bringing my family (all still living in New Orleans) to visit one day soon. I'm the great, great granddaughter of Giacomo Bonanno & Rose DiSimone Bonanno. I can't wait to share the news of tracing our lineage back to the early 1700s. My great uncle Raymond Bonanno at 95 will also be thrilled to finally learn of his detailed heritage. would be incredible and appreciated! And I'd be happy to share all of the information I have on the descendants here.

> Joseph Philip + Lena Mae Loria Bonanno + Mary Rizzo Bonanno

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