Searching for Descendants of Gaetano Manfre' (Mumphrey) and Antonina Maggiore

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Posted by KC Perilloux on 20 OCT 2015 12:58:55

Hello Cousins! (Mumphrey) and Antonina Maggiore. My mother, sister and I have DNA matches with four descendants from this branch of the tree in the 2nd-4th cousin range and we are trying to pinpoint exactly where we fit in. To do that, we need more cousins to DNA test! but there are deals to be had that can make it cheaper. I am very well-versed in genetic genealogy and I am willing to answer questions, help with ordering and doing the DNA test, assist with results afterwards, and beyond.
I am already in contact with two DNA cousin matches who are direct descendants of Gaetano and Antonina and they are also interested in exploring and documenting our DNA cousins in this tree. If you are interested as well, have questions or want more details, feel free to reply here or contact me privately at

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