Stato Civile di Ustica

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Posted by David Seeger on 25 APR 2004 23:04:21

I know this is wishful thinking.But , does anyone
have a copy of the Stato Civile of Francesco BASILE
and Maria RUSSO that I can view. I believe there may
be an error in the documentation as listed.I think
the entries for Giuseppe and Giuseppa are reversed.
Since Giuseppe was 30 when he married in New Orleans
in 1879, he should have been born in 1849, not
Giuseppa. And, Giuseppa will have died in 1844 at the
age of 2, not Giuseppe.
Sorry if this is confusing, but I'm interested in
Giuseppe since he married the daughter of my third
great grandparents.If a copy of the record is not
available, can I find out who originally transcribed
the data?Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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