Re: Find the origin of your surname in Italy

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Posted by Robert AEmilius Jarvis on 14 MAR 2007 0:54:5

For over sixty years my grandfather was obsessed with finding the origin of the family name JARVIS. Here is what he told me: "Around the end of the first millennium there lived an extended family of nine brothers living in Italy. Their name was GERRIUS.They were well known for the and they served the public and the Vatican as "avocati" writing & clerical & legal documents. They began to question their catholic beliefs privately and publicly. When threatened with excommunication, as well as loss of business, they all moved to France around the Normandy areas. Over time their name became francofied into GERVAIS and and in order to live in harmony with their reformist beliefs, as they escaped persecution by emigrating in Dumfrieshire.) Their name wea shortened to GERVIS. Gradually the families drifted south into into JERVIS, JARVIS, JARVICE, AND JARVYS." Can anyone add to or correct these memories?

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