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Posted by Lee Bertucci on 29 NOV 2009 21:5:12

Hello Angelo . . . to the website. Obviously that needs to change. I asked my father, LeRoy Bertucci about the Caserta farm and he said he dosn't recall the name. Dad lived in San Jose from about 1936 to 1987. His parents were Roy and Adeline Bertucci. Dad went to SJ high School, Grandfather went to school at Garfield Elementry, SF. Peter (Pietro) and Rose Bertucci, my GG grandparents, lived in SF during 1906 earthquake and soon after separated. After the separation, the family had very little contact with Peter, but he did continue to live in SF. My Dad recalls visiting him a few times. Wish I had more information about him. Peter and Rose Bertucci had three boys, Anthony, Andrew and Roy. Roy and Adeline had one child, my dad. Leroy and Leone Bertucci, had three boys, myself (Lee), Dennis and Raymond. My wife Cheryl and I had three boys, Ryan (22), Curtis (20) and Jasen (20), all in college. We moved from SJ in 1990 to Gardnerville, NV. My wife and I were in New Orleans in May 2009 for a short stay for an NCAA event. We plan to go back soon with purpose of researching Antonino Bertucci. Again, I apologize for the late response.

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