Re: Planning Trip to Ustica in November 2017

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 14 JUN 2017 20:45:47

Hi Sarah, off-season for the island so some places may be closed. I'm pretty sure that Hotel Clelia is open year round. Contact our friend Vito Ailara at for info. The seas can also get rough that time of year so if possible, plan some buffer days before and after your scheduled trip to the island just in case a storm is blowing through. Click on in the menu below and you can get some ideas of things to see and do. It's a small island so you should have no problem finding places to eat. I also suggest you get in touch with Pietro Bertucci at Pietro speaks English and if he's on the island (he spends most of the year in Rome) he'll gladly take you around. Vito lives on the island and also is a willing ambassador. I have more photos at for more ideas.

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