Re: Why did so many immigrate from Ustica to New Orleans

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Posted by Allison Jones on 18 JAN 2013 14:30:44

Dear Marilyn, am doing some family history research and see that you mention Gaetano Barbera. I am a descendant of a Gaetano Barba who would have arrived in New Orleans from the Sicily region around that time 1860-1861 and was wondering if they could be the same person? Gaetano married a German woman from New Orleans, named Louise Dumser in 1868. Stated on the marriage certificate are the parents names of Jules & Francisca Barba. They had 6 children Robert Angelo, Caroline, Elizabeth, Louisa Giuseppa, Gaetano (Guy) John and Josephine. If it is at all possible that these two men could be one and the same, could you please email me:

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