Usticesi in the Confederate Army

This is perhaps the earliest accumulated list of Usticesi residents of New Orleans.  These Civil War roll calls were recorded in 1862 when New Orleans was captured by the Union Army.   As a final act of honor, the enlisted were required to report and be discharged.  A roll call was done for each company but only Field & Staff and the 1st Company are dated, 2 April 1862.  This list was compiled by the National Archives and is not the original muster rolls.  Listed here are only Usticesi surnames.  They represent 25% of the entire brigade (86 of 341 men).

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New Orleans Public Library, M320-174
Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Louisiana.

Sixth Regiment European Brigade (Italian Guards Battalion), Militia

Soldier Rank / Company Residence / Remarks
Ailara, Angelo Private 1st Company 303 Rampart street 
Alajmo, Francesco 1 Corporal 2nd Company   
Barabara, Felice 3rd Company sick
Baraco, Vincenzo Private 4th Company absent
Barraco, Giacomo 2nd Company   
Barraco, Ignorio 2nd Company   
Barraro, Guiseppe Corporal 2nd Company sick
Bertucci, Antonio 2nd Company   
Bertucci, Francesco Private 1st Company 764 Poydras street
Bertucci, Giovanni 4 Corporal 2nd  
Bertucci, Giovanni 3rd Company   
Bertucci, Guiseppe 2nd Company   
Bertucci, Salvatore 2nd Company   
Bonnanno, Guiseppe Private 4th Company absent
Buonanno, Giuseppe 2nd Company sick
Calderaro, Emanuele 4 Sergeant 4th Company  
Calderaro, Giovanni Private 1st Company Dryades Market
Camillere, Carlo 2nd Company  
Camilleri, Gio Maria Private 4th Company   
Caravella, Joseph Corporal Sapper Field and Staff  
Caserta, Guipe di Felice Private 4th Company  
Caserta, Guipe di Salvatore Private 4th Company sick
Caserto, Salvadore 2nd Company   
Cingotta, Domenico Private 4th Company  
Coltraro, Jean Private Sapper Field and Staff  
Compagno, Antonio 2nd Company  
Crestino, Antonio Private 4th Company  
Cuttraro, Caloggero 2nd Company  
Cuttraro, Felice 2nd Company  
DiLorenzo, Antonio Private 4th Company  
Faccidomo, Giuseppe 2nd Company  
Fallo, Bartolo Private 1st Company 13 Melpomene street
Fallo, Carmelo di Gni Private 1st Company 13 Melpomene street
Fallo, Carmelo di Gppe Private 1st Company 13 Melpomene street
Fallo, Francesco Private 4th Company absent
Fallo, Giuseppe di Angelo Private 1st Company 13 Melpomene street
Famularo, Giuseppe 2nd Company  
Favaloro, Giuseppe Private 4th Company  
Fonte, Domenico 2nd Company  
Frenna, Ignazio 3rd Company  
Giuffria, Salvatore Private 4th Company  
Ingargiola, Cristofaro 2nd Company  
LaGreca, Giovanni Private 4th Company sick
Larosa, Carmelo 3rd Company  
Lauricella, Salvatore 3rd Company  
Lauricella, Francesco 2nd Company  
Mancuso, Antonio 2nd Company  
Mancuso, Francesco Private 4th Company  
Mancuso, Gaetano 2nd Company  
Mancuso, Giuseppe 2nd Company  
Mancuso, Pietro 2nd Company  
Manuyso, Domenico Private 4th Company 575 Magazine street
Martello, Domenico Private 1st Company 303 New Basin street
Mascari, Agostino 1 Corporal 1st Company 174 Philippa street
Mascari, Vincenzo 3rd company  
Matina, Giuseppe Private 4th Company  
Mattino, Gaetano 2nd Company  
Mazzola, Agostino Private 1st cCompany 170 Benjamin street
Mollica, Pietro 2nd Company  
Olivieri, Luigi Private 1st Company Dryades Market
Olivieri, Vincenzo Private 1st Company Dryades Market
Palmisano, Gasparo Private 1st Company 14 Main street
Picone, Antonio 3rd Company  
Piccone, Domenico Private 4th Company  
Rando, Giuseppe 2nd Company  
Restucci, Andrea 3rd Company  
Russo, Agostino 3rd Company  
Russo, Jean Private 4th Company  
Russo, Saverio Private 4th Company gone away
Salomone, Antonio Private 1st Company Poydras Market
Salomone, Lorenzo Private 1st Company  
Sedotti, Francois Sergeant Sapper Field and Staff  
Sidoli, Antonio Sergeant 2nd Company  
Simone, Giuseppe 2nd Company  
Siscchitano, Antonio Private 1st Company Dryades Market
Spano, Bartolo 4th Company  
Spano, Francesco Private 1st Company 303 Rampart street
Taranto, Carmelo 3 Corporal 4th Company  
Taranto, Felice 2nd Company  
Taranto, Gaetano 2nd Company  
Umina, Antonio 2nd Company sick
Ventrici, Giuseppe Private 4th Company absent
Ventrici, Pietro Private 4th Company absent
Zagame, Gaetano 2nd Company  
Zagame, Giovanni 2nd Company  
Zagame, Giuseppe 2nd Company