Usticesi-American Births of Orleans Parish, LA (1853 - 1897)

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Index to Orleans Parish Birth Records, 1790-1897

In the course of researching the birth index, many records bearing surnames similar to Usticesi surnames are collected but not actually connected to known Usticesi families.  Of the ~2600 indexes that were collected, ~900 fit into this category and are displayed here on this page.  Future reasearch may establish an Usticese connection, but for now they are simply listed here for your review.

The tables below are ordered by surname.  If you are using your browser's search feature on this page, please first make sure that the cursor is in this frame, and also note that spellings can vary greatly for surnames.

Actual copies of the birth records found indexed in this page or through any of the family charts are only available from the Louisiana State Archives (P.O. Box 94125, Baton Rouge, LA 70804; 3851 Essen Lane).  

Drumroll, please!
So who's the first Amercian born child of Usticesi parents listed in New Orleans index?
Carmelo Camarda (aka Emile Commander), founder of Commander's Palace restaurant

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Accordo, Lucia F W Andrea and Catarina Prima 13 Dec 1887 v129 p354
Aiena, Pietro M W Ignazio and Maria Santo 27 Mac 1889 v88 p87
Aiena, Rosario M W Ignazio and Maria Assanta 2 Jul 1890 v90 p644
Albani, Giuseppe M W Salvador and Giuseppa Piteri 19 Apr 1878 v74 p146
Albanisa, Antonio M W Salvatore and Giuseppina Pietri Ma Ma 1882 v78 p1060
Albano, Domenico   Giuseppe and Giuseppina Labarbera 7 Mar 1899 v124 p535
Albano, Giuseppina F W Girolomo and Giuseppina Labarbera 27 May 1897 v111 p468
Albinni, Frank M - Salvado and Josephine Pietri 19 Nov 1876 v69 p1097
Alimo, Angeline F - Daugter of Joseph and Mary Fininear 26 Sep 1873 v64 p97
Allo, Maria   Bartolo and Rosa Manfre 26 Dec 1898 v122 p812
Allo, Onifrio M W Bartolo and Rosa Mamfre 17 Dec 1894 v122 p?
Allo, Rosa F W Bartolo and Rosa Mamfre 14 Sep 1883 v122 p810
Alsina, Caterina F W John and Maria Barbara 20 Jan 1884 v80 p1193
Alsina, Joseph M W Jno. and Maria Barba 22 Feb 1891 v91 p490
Alsina, Uba James M W John and Mary Barba 25 Oct 1895 v109 p949
Amato, Anna M Rosa F W Antonio and Vincenza Ayena 26 Feb 1891 v91 p661
Amato, Catherine F - Petro and Felicia Orfila 27 Jan 1869 v49 p568
Amato, Eleanora F W Domenico and Maria Tarantina 26 Dec 1885 v85 p706
Amato, Giovanna F W Antonino and Vincenza Ajina 9 Jan 1894 v100 p620
Amato, Margherita   Andrea and Marie Dibetta 23 Jan 1899 v118 p926
Amato, Maria F W Domenico and Maria Tarantino 19 Feb 1890 v127 p173
Amato, Maria F W Domenico and Maria Taratino 18 Oct 1884 v81 p1179
Amato, Peter M W Salvador and Sarah Jane Baldwin 14 Oct 1897 v114 p785
Amato, Rosa F W Domenico and Maria Tarantino 16 Mar 1888 v86 p547
Amato, Rosa   Giovanni and Carolina Loseco 15 Feb 1898 v124 p239
Amico, Catherine F W Francesco and Lena Desimone 28 Aug 1891 v93 p973
Amico, Sarah F W Frank and Lena DiSimoni 28 Nov 1894 v105 p20
Amodes, Francisco M  Francisco and Rosalie Licarto 7 Nov 1894 v104 p42
Anato, Emmanuel M W Pierre and Felicie Orfela 15 Mar 1867 v43 p707
Anselmi, Providence F - Pierre and Thereza Mascari 1 May 1870 v55 p5
Anselmo, Michael M - Peter and Thereza Mascari 5 Nov 1872 v60 p894
Anselmo, Michel Angelo M W Pierre and Thereza Mascari 15 Dec 1866 v45 p121
Anselmon, Constan M W Peter and Thereza Maskry 12 Apr 1865 v38 p237
Armato, Laura F W Salvador and Jennie Baldwin 8 Feb 1894 v101 p356
Augustincich, Marguerite F W Frank and Mary Grego 19 Mar 1897 v111 p572
Augustinich, Caterina F W Frank and Mary Grego 25 Oct 1895 v105 p781

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Banomo, Nino F - Salvatore and Marian Dantony 10 Nov 1869 v53 p154
Banville Jr, John M W John and Minna Simoni 2 May 1888 v86 p1126
Banville, Lawson H M W John and Nima Simone 2 May 1890 v90 p387
Banville, Vincent Alphonse M W John and Mina Simone 9 Aug 1893 v99 p85
Baravella, Giovanni Battista   Giuseppe and Teresa Benedetti 10 Apr 1877 v73 p842
Barbara, Emilie Sophie Estelle F - Emmanuel and Emelie Echols 9 Dec 1869 v53 p149
Barbiera, Giovanni M W Francesco and Antonina Senpier 10 Jan 1893 v98 p117
Barbieri, Antonino M W Giovanni and Antonina Tardo 6 Sep 1895 v116 p495
Barbieri, Domenico Antonio M - Francesco and Maria Cavagnaro 1 Jul 1862 v78 p857
Barca, Giuseppe M W Domenico and Rosa Lacava 25 Jan 1886 v83 p788
Barinato, Santina F W Salvatore and Caterina Frederico Fe Fe 1882 v78 p608
Barocco, Antonio M W Giuseppe and Victoria Cosplich 12 Sep 1883 v86 p504
Barracco, Catherine F W Joseph and Caroline Henry 11 Oct 1863 v35 p183
Barracco, Catherine F W Joseph and Catherine Henry 15 Oct 1864 v38 p5
Barraco, Michela F W Luciano and Antonina Salvo 19 Mar 1888 v86 p784
Barraco, Paul M W Luciano and Maria Antonia Salvo 28 Apr 1876 v71 p948
Barraco, Petronia F W Luciano and Antonia Salver 11 Nov 1890 v91 p614
Barraco, Salvatore M W Luciano and Antonina Salvo 24 Sep 1884 v82 p118
Barraco, Vito M W Luciano and Antonina Salvo 3 Oct 1882 v79 p707
Bartolatta, Sasanna Domenica F W Domenico and Maria Anne Simone 19 Dec 1891 v93 p852
Barzoni, Anita F - Joseph and Thereza Long 7 Aug 1872 v60 p603
Basile, Anna F W Giuseppa and Kunigunda Wittmann 9 Aug 1880 v76 p1011
Basile, Antonino M W Francesco and Rosa Pino 24 Feb 1880 v75 p382
Basile, Francesco M W Francesco and Rosa Adavero 1 Aug 1894 v102 p403
Basile, Joseph Thomas M W Giuseppe and Kunigunda Wittmann 26 May 1882 v78 p1011
Basile, Lucy   Giovanni and Mary Lazard 31 Aug 1897 v117 p1011
Basile, Michele M W Francesco and Rosalia Cella 21 Feb 1882 v78 p455
Bass, Magioli Lewis M - Lewis Z and Marie Odette Maggioli 6 Jul 1873 v61 p668
Bastato, Concetta F W Giuseppe and Maria Lucca 23 Mar 1894 v106 p799
Batalora, Josephine Elizabeth F W Joseph and Caroline Bunck 18 Oct 1893 v100 p259
Battalora, Frances Louisa F W Joseph and Caroline Bunck 10 Feb 1895 v104 p451
Bazile, Alphonse Edward   Frank and Emily Powers 27 Feb 1898 v113 p678
Bazile, Anne F - -- and Cora Smith 4 Jan 1873 v66 p343
Bazile, Elizabeth F - Joseph and Anna Grierson 27 Sep 1876 v69 p1014
Bazile, Eugene   Charles E and Augustine Kuntz 6 Feb 1898 v113 p667
Bazile, Freddy   William and Ellen Williams 29 Dec 1899 v117 p122
Bazile, Rosalie F W Giovannie and Mary Marianina 25 Oct 1881 v78 p103
Bazill, Catherine F - Joseph and Anna Grierson 28 Feb 1875 v67 p80
Bazille, Albert M - Abain and Francis Bazille 22 Mar 1874 v66 p148
Bazille, Frank M - Angel and Charlott Meathe 5 Aug 1874 v65 p872
Beinenato, John M - Salvadore and Cathrine Federico 13 Jul 1876 v69 p966
Berges, Eugene M - Pierre and Francisco Foveri 9 Mar 1867 v52 p69
Bertazzi, John M W Pierre and Bridget Conery 11 Oct 1870 v76 p147
Berthollo, Mary F - Joseph and Mary Margoost 4 May 1873 v60 1/2 p1238
Bertola, Bettina Maria Christina F W Camillo and Mary Cullen 3 Mar 1890 v89 p683
Bertruch, Frank M - Frank and Catherine Dornno 1 Jan 1869 v53 p516
Bertucci, Mary Rosa F - Dominique and Josephine Toranto 20 Mar 1874 v65 p558
Bertucci, Peter M W John and Nunciat Moni 15 May 1878 v74 p220
Bertucci, Vincenzo M W John and Nunciat Moni 15 Jul 1879 v74 p219
Bertuce, Louisa F W Joseph and Elizabeth Brown 13 Mar 1864 v36 p93
Betat, Charles M W Gaston and Sarah Christina 16 Aug 1894 v102 p523
Bland, Annie Josephine F W Henry and Theresa Tedesco 17 Nov 1887 v96 p973
Bland, Belladina F W Henry and Theresa Tedesco 16 Aug 1884 v96 p972
Bland, Florence F W Henry and Theresa Tedesco 16 Jul 1886 v96 p973
Bland, Hazel Barbara   Henry and Theresa Tedesco 19 Jul 1897 v115 p740
Bland, Henry Jr M W Henry and Theresa Tedesco 31 Jul 1883 v80 p470
Bland, Henry Wm M W Henry and Theresa Tedesco 8 May 1889 v96 p974
Bland, Therese Mary F W Henry and Theresa tedesco 25 Feb 1894 v105 p1102
Bomono, Frederick M - Unecianto and Anna Bomono 25 May 1869 v52 p19
Bonano, Ferru M - Ignacio and Mary Bonano 21 Mar 1868 v49 p114
Bonnomo, Vicence M - Salvatore and Mary Ann Santone 18 Nov 1874 v63 p515
Bono, Luciano   Accusio and Vincenza Gallo 20 Oct 1899 v118 p202
Bono, Vito   Cusso and Vincenza Gallo 27 Feb 1898 v114 p530
Bonomme, Alte F - Salvador and Maria Dantonia 16 Sep 1871 v60 p524
Boracco, Henry M W Michel and Lottie Smith 4 Jul 1894 v102 p624
Borge, Joseph Michel M - James and Louisa Campana 18 Jan 1873 v61 p479
Borge, Robert M W James and Louisa Campana 7 Oct 1867 v47 p95
Bourg, Samuel Alexander M W Samuel A and Margaret Simone 27 Jan 1893 v100 p1051
Bova, Maria F W Francesco and Felicia Greco 14 Oct 1891 v98 p787
Bova, Rosa F W Francesco and Felicia Greco 22 Apr 1894 v102 p609
Bova, Tanina F W Antonio and Domenica Greco 28 May 1893 v100 p931
Bricket, Mary Catherine, F --   Antonio and Catherine Laressa 4 Mar 1873 v64 p410

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Cafiero, Vincenzo M W Gasparo and Lavarina Di Simone 5 Feb 1884 v81 p83
Cagnolatti, Marie Ines F W Pierre and Elida Goirdana 11 Sep 1866 v43 p24
Calamia, Giuseppe   Antonino and Domenica Taranto 4 Aug 1899 v118 p117
Calamia, Liborio   Antonio and Domenica Taranto 8 Nov 1898 v114 p1058
Calcagno, Rosa   ? and Camilla Caminitta 12 Jun 1897 v112 p361
Calcagno, Salvatore   Girolamo and Camille Camminetta 17 Aug 1898 v116 p1116
Caldarera, Giuseppe M W Giuseppe and Vincenza Pilatera 5 Jan 1887 v87 p1144
Calderara, Anna F W Giuseppe and Vincenza Pilatera 22 May 1884 v87 p1144
Calderara, Vincenzo M W Giuseppe and Vincenza Pilatera 17 Jun 1882 v87 p1143
Calderaro, Agostino   Salvatore and Maria Rando 25 Mar 1898 v13 p13
Calderaro, Bernardina F W Bernardo and Madelina Culla 27 Jun 1889 v96 p777
Calderaro, Concetta   Bernardo and Lena Ciulla 18 Jul 1899 v117 p145
Calderaro, Parma F W Bernardo and Madelina Culla 26 Feb 1892 v96 p778
Calderaro, Salvatore M W Bernardo and Lena Ciula 26 Sep 1894 v102 p1098
Calderona, Virginia F W Giuseppi and Rosa Poupora 15 Dec 1894 v104 p511
Calderone, Giuseppe   Giuseppe and Rosa Purpura 18 Feb 1898 v113 p974
Camanita, Vincent M W Nicholas and Sarrah Larose 16 Jun 1873 v60.5 p1374
Camarata, Domenico M W Giuseppe and Pasquala Lala 7 Feb 1890 v95 p992
Camarata, Giuseppe M W Giuseppe and Pasqual Lala 9 Mar 1895 v108 p344
Camarata, Lucia F W Giuseppe and Pasquala Lala 21 Nov 1888 v95 p991
Camarata, Nicolo M W Giuseppe and Pasqual Lala 25 Jan 1893 v108 p344
Camarata, Rosa   Giuseppe and Pasqual Lala 2 Feb 1897 v112 p590
Caminetti, Vincenzo M W Nicholo and Rosaria La Rosa 6 Jan 1886 v83 p694
Campagna, Concetta F W Salvatore and Nuniza Marsalone 23 Jan 1895 v132 p1061
Campagna, Gaetana F W Salvatore and Nunzia Marsalone 23 Feb 1892 v132 p1060
Campagna, Rosario   Salvatore and Nunzia Marsalone 25 Nov 1898 v132 p1062
Campagna, Vincenzo   Salvatore and Nunzia Marsalone 23 Jan 1897 v132 p1061
Campagno, Antonetta   Giuseppe and Nunzia Cansomello 21 Jun 1898 v118 p144
Campisiano, Francesco M W Pietro and Maria Giardana 14 Jul 1895 v128 p1129
Canepa, Charles M - Francis and Catherine Barbiero 30 Feb 1869 v56 p490
Capalino, Salvatore Jr   Salvatore and Maria Gallo 31 Jul 1898 v117 p546
Capallino, Luigi   Salvator and Maria Gallo 1 Mar 1897 v109 p418
Capoagnia, Giuseppe M W Luigi and Theresa Caminetta 2 Jan 1886 v83 p695
Capona, Lottie F W Luigi and Theresa Cammanette 2 Sep 1888 v90 p494
Cappelina, Giovanni M W Cappelina, Giuliana, F, W Salvatore and Maria Gallo 20 Aug 1888 v87 p1149
Capuano, Carolina F W Luigi and Teresa Caminite 24 Jan 1893 v97 p383
Carcolici, Benedetto M - Giuseppe and Rose Cincotta 4 Jan 1868 v26 p253
Cardinas, Walter M W Samuel and Domenica Mancuso 15 Aug 1886 v94 p653
Cariano, Giuseppi M - Santo and Rosaria Mascaro 1 Aug 1873 v61 p773
Carletti, Giovanni M W Giuseppe Simone and Adelina Simone 24 Jul 1887 v85 p653
Carlietti, Barbarino M W Giuseppe and Adelina Simone 2 Jan 1885 v82 p391
Carlietti, Giuseppe M W
Carmenitte, Therese F - Nichola and Rosalie LaRose 5 Sep 1869 v51 p378
Carmieneda, Francesco M W Nicholas and Mary Lofasso 22 Apr 1893 v97 p1063
Carmonita, Carmela F W Nicholas and Rosida Carmonita 20 Jan 1879 v72 p927
Carra, Annie F W Dominick and Giuseppa Amato 30 Sep 1894 v114 p106
Caruana, Carmelite   Vincent and Julia Hannemann 13 Aug 1898 v115 p898
Caruana, Paul M - Vincent and Julia Hannemann 12 Jun 1895 v106 p526
Caruana, William   Vincent and Julia Heinemann 18 Jan 1897 v112 p340
Carusso, Albert John M W Carusso, Andrew, M, W John and Annie Russo 18 Sep 1890 v96 p665
Carwana, John M W Vincent and Julia Hannemann 10 Jan 1893 v97 p639
Cascio, Antonino M W Vincenzo and Rosalia Giardino 1 Aug 1885 v82 p425
Casera, Enrico M W Francesco and Giuseppina Casera 23 Mar 1886 v83 p1178
Caserta, Frances Philomene F - Salvador and Mary Carline 28 Dec 1871 v60 1/2 p405
Caserta, Gaetano Augustino M W Giuseppe and Giuseppina Manfre 2 Aug 1883 v80 p379
Caserta, Naomi Louise   Walter J and Daisy Selph 22 Aug 1898 v114 p151
Caserta, Walter James M W Salvador and Mary Carroll 25 Mar 1877 v70 p111
Caserti, Gaetano M W Giuseppe and Josephine Manfre 22 Dec 1881 v78 p137
Caserto, Gaetano M W Giuseppe and Josephine Manfre 21 Dec 1881 v78 p199
Castrogiovanni, Antonina F W Francesco and Anna Molicca 11 Apr 1890 v89 p949
Castrogiovanni, Rosalia F W Francesco and Anna Mollica 24 Sep 1887 v89 p949
Catalano, Antonino   Melchiorre and Giovanna Calderaro 4 Jan 1898 v115 p851
Catalano, Catterina   Melchiorre and Giovanna Calderaro 7 Nov 1897 v115 p850
Catalano, Maria F W Dominico and Anna Di Lorenzo Ma Ma 1882 v78 p539
Catalano, AntoninoMW Melchiorre and Giovanna Calderaro 4 Jan 1894 or 4 Jan 1898 v115 p851
Cefalu, Andrea M W Salvador and Francesca Giardina 3 May 1895 v104 p1030
Cefalu, Maria F W Salvatore and Francesca Gurdina 1 Nov 1896 v108 p317
Cerniglia, Giovanni M W Francesco and Annetta Giordina 28 Oct 1893 v102 p644
Cerniglio, Louisa F W Carmelo and Josefina Giordina 2 Jan 1883 v79 p811
Chapius, Pierre M C Peter and Theresa Baracco 10 Feb 1888 v109 p842
Chapuis, Margaret F C Peter and Theresa Baracco 3 Nov 1892 v109 p843
Cherico, Daniel --  Jiovani and Catherine Cherico 6 Jul 1871 v59 p106
Christina, Bysinthe, M --   Bysinthia and Coney Christina 1 Apr 1871 v60.5 p2?
Claverie, Lucile F W Dominique and Maria Mascaire 17 May 1865 v41 p129
Clay, Marie Amalie F W John and Marie Ermina Cormander 11 Oct 1863 v35 p348
Clay, Marie Louise F W
Clesi, Giuseppina F W Nicolo and Providenza Calderaro 15 May 1888 v86 p884
Colderaro, Rosaria F W Felice and Santa Palmisano 23 Feb 1890 v89 p772
Collora, Mariannina F W Paul C and Angela Coci 29 Mar 1893 v97 p433
Coltraro, Cornelia   Joseph and Annie Meyers 1 Mar 1897 v111 p377
Compagno, Antonino M W Giuseppe and Munzia Cangiamilla 26 Mar 1896 v109 p594
Compagno, Maria F W Giuseppe and Nunzia Cangiamilla 15 Jan 1893 v109 p593
Compagno, Rita Francesca F W Mateo and Maria Valentine 24 Oct 1888 v87 p130
Compagno, Vincenzo M W Giuseppe and Nuniza Cangiamilla 11 Apr 1892 v109 p593
Compodonico, Emanuele F M W James and Luigia Stagno 18 Oct 1888 v92 p569
Coriana, Michael --  Santa and Rosela Masquere 3 Jul 1871 v59 p81
Corovana, Domenico M W Manuele and Marie Antonia di Norfo 23 Nov 1891 v94 p125
Corsin, Johanna Josephine Clothilde F W Pierre and Josephine Bartholi 25 Sep 1866 v43 p145
Cossito, Salvador M W Joseph and Josephine Ingochiola 16 Oct 1866 v45 p73
Cristina, Anna F W Giuseppe and Rosa Magiuri 25 Dec 1884 v82 p353
Cristina, Joseph Maurice M W Joseph and Desire Motrale 23 Jul 1878 v72 p262
Cristina, Michele M W Antonio and Rosalie Barbari 6 Nov 1879 v75 p86
Cuccia, Antonino M W Pietro and Lena Cristina 22 Jun 1887 v116 p102
Cuccia, Giuseppina F W Pietro and Lena Cristina 19 Jun 1889 v116 p103
Cuccia, Lilly F W Daugter of Pietro and Lena Cristina 31 Aug 1885 v116 p102
Cuccia, Maria Odenzia F W Gasparro and Giuseppina Lauricella 11 Aug 1890 v90 p659
Cucciardi, Angela F W Vincenzo and Rosa Ailara 20 May 1883 v80 p106
Cunigliaro, Giuseppe M W Santo and Rosaria Mascara 19 Jan 1868 v47 p170
Cupilino, Maria F W Salvatore and Maria Gallo 15 Aug 1892 v96 p882
Curiano, Giuseppe M - Sainto and Crusiana Mascarie 26 Aug 1869 v51 p313

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
D'Antoni, Conchetta F W Biaggio and Catalina Giardino 15 Dec 1881 v78 p237
Dalfonso, Joseph   Salvatore and Concetta Giardina 9 Jan 1897 v109 p225
Dalfonso, Rosa F W Salvatore and Cancetta Giordino 10 Mar 1894 v104 p966
Danner, Leontine   John and Rosa Mascari 14 Aug 1899 v116 p83
Dantoni, Giovanni M W Biaggio and Caterina Giardino 7 Jun 1884 v81 p636
Dazat, Jean Michel M W Vital and Pasceline Vergez 28 Sep 1891 v92 p702
Dazet, Dominique M - Vital and Pescaline Verges 21 Oct 1873 v62 p198
Dazet, Jules M W Vital and Pascaline Vergets 18 Dec 1886 v102 p286
Dazet, Marie Adolphine F W Vital and Pascaline Vergez 24 Oct 1879 v74 p925
Dazet, Sylain Clement M W Vital and Pascaline Vergez 3 Mar 1882 v78 p745
Dazit, William Pascal M - Vital and Pascaline Vergez 29 sep 1876 v89 p1019
De Lucca, Antonino M W Antonino and Cattarina Genoa 14 Jun 1892 v96 p963
De Lucca, Vincent Joachim John M W Vincenzo and Maria A Jiacone 27 Aug 1892 v95 p199
Dede, Bazile M - Bazile and Marie C Magliore 22 Apr 1867 v44 p542
Demaggio, Giacomo M W Giovanni and Philomena Dibatolo 25 Jan 1879 v73 p437
Desimonie, James M - F and Antonina Mumpfre 5 Mar 1876 v69 p298
Desposito, William Kelly M W Joseph and Lizzie Mullahy 8 Dec 1885 v83 p642
Devic, Angele Fernande Marie F W Ferdinand and Mary Tudesco 19 Oct 1893 v100 p435
Devic, Angele Jeanne Clara F W Ferdinand and Marie Tudesco 8 Jul 1892 v95 p820
Di Bartolo, Cologire M W Giuseppe and Giuseppina DiNina 29 Jul 1889 v91 p230
Di Bartolo, Leonarda F W Giuseppe and Giuseppina Di Nena 13 Dec 1890 v91 p230
Di Carlo, Castrenzio M W Antonino and Angelina Alaimo 6 Nov 1891 v100 p696
Di Carlo, Joseph M W Antonini and Angelina Alaimo 17 Sep 1893 v100 p695
Di Cristina, Mary Pietra F W Rocco and Pietra Di Cristina 7 Jul 1889 v87 p1057
Di Giorgio, Salvatore M W Nicolo and Vita Bonanno 22 Oct 1879 v78 p955
Di Maggio, Filipe M W Giovanni and Jelomeno DiBartolo 14 Oct 1880 v77 p294
Di Maggio, Filippo M W Giovanni and Filomena Di Bartolo 20 Jul 1881 v88 p401
Di Maggio, Giaccino M W Giovanni and Filomena Di Bartolo 30 Jan 1879 v73 p86
Di Maggio, Jiachind M W John and Mamie Di Bartoli 24 Jan 1878 v214 p1487
Di Maggio, John M W John and Philomena di Bartola 5 Jan 1877 v71 p698
Dibartolo, Joseph   Anthony and Maria Lala 18 Apr 1897 v112 p642
Digiorgio, Salvatore   Nicolo and Vita Bonano 23 Oct 1897 v115 p733
Dilosa, Vinset Frank   Joseph and Josephine Scaffidi 15 Mar 1898 v112 p1069
Dimaggio, Maria F W Felippo and Anna Pietri 19 Nov 1896 v111 p617
Dimarco, Francesco   Salvatore and Rosalia Giardina 11 Apr 1900 v117 p1031
Disimone, Leonard   Francesco and Antonina Palermo 16 Dec 1900 v121 p154
Doell, Anna Maria --  John and Asnna Barbara 30 Mar 1869 v52 p473
Dolce, Joseph M W Francesco and Marietta Giordina 25 Apr 1893 v100 p1150
Dolce, Lana F W Francesco and Marietta Giardina 8 Dec 1885 v100 p1149
Dominici, Emanuelo   Gasparo and Domenica Greco 20 Jan 1900 v120 p49
Dominici, Nicolo   Rosario and Catherine Alieno 1 Jul 1898 v119 p278
Dominique, George M C Celestine and Celestine Commander 26 Oct 1882 v97 p666
Dureau, Antoine Estenia M - Joseph and Leticia Martelle 8 Apr 1869 v51 p30
Durel, Emily F W Alfred and Alice Simone 14 Oct 1893 v129 p995
Durso, Carcedonia   Paquale and Marie Tranchina 9 Dec 1900 v120 p1115
Durso, Lorenzo   Pasquale and Maria Tranchina 7 Feb 1898 v113 p24

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Ernst, Joseph M W Louis J and Annie Campana 15 Apr 1883 v80 p22
Ernst, Louisa F W Louis G and Annie Compana 22 Mar 1881 v77 p40
Espoaito, Eustacius M W Rafael and Margaret Kahrs 20 Sep 1896 v107 p1172
Esposito, Alma F W Raphael and Margaret Kahrs 20 Nov 1890 v112 p215
Esposito, Francesco M W Rafaelo and Catterina La Rosa 25 Nov 1887 v85 p1203
Esposito, Giovanni M W Rafaele and Cattarina La Rosa 88 Sep 1889 v88 p352
Esposito, Giuseppe M W Rafaelo and Caterina La Rosa 17 Jul 1882 v78 p1065
Esposito, Leonardo M W Rafaele and Catherine LaRosa 4 Mar 1891 v91 p666
Esposito, Mamie F W Raphael and Margaret Kahrs 30 Mar 1894 v112 p216
Esposito, Vincenzo M W Rafaelo and Catherine La Rosa 14 Oct 1883 v80 p871
Esposito, Vincenzo M W Rafaelo and Catterina LaRosa 8 Nov 1885 v83 p430
Etie, Rosine F W Louis D and Rosine Del Buono 1 Nov 1882 v79 p552
Evans, Viola   Thomas and Geneva Bazile 9 Aug 1900 v126 p121
Exposito, Raphael Emily   Rafael and Margaret Kahn 21 Dec 1897 v113 p343

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Faggidome, Serida F W Pietro and Catherine Delvecchio 5 Jul 1885 v83 p303
Faller, Cornelius George M - Peter and Catharina Schultz 12 Oct 1869 v59 p227
Fallo, Domenico M W Angelo and Rosina Favaloro 6 Dec 1886 v84 p11?
Fallo, Giovanni M W Giuseppe and Annunziata Russo 21 Feb 1880 v75 p441
Fallo, Jacob M W Frank and Elizabeth Jacobs 4 Jan 1876 v71 p244
Fallo, Malfin F - Joseph and M Bazac 15 Sep 1874 v65 p773
Fallo, Salvatore M W Carmelo and Rosaria Culotta 15 Aug 1882 v79 p534
Famello, Dora Brown F - Joseph and Micheal Brown 1 Jan 1873 v60.5 p1245
Farrantina, Catharina F - Nichola and Rosina Manffrey or Manffrez 4 Oct 1874 v63 p110
Fava, Francesco M W Ignazio and Francesca Domati Lopez 10 Dec 1888 v87 p260
Fava, Giuseppe M W Ignazio and Francesca Lopez 15 Jun 1885 v85 p803
Favaloro, Antonino M W Gaetano and Mary Canada 15 Apr 1877 v68 p839
Fecke, Joseph Conrad   John C and Maria Maggiuri 28 May 1900 v118 p999
Federico, Antonio M W Giuseppe and Marguerite Cavallero 22 Dec 1894 v104 p1066
Federico, Francesco M W Lorenzo and Rosa Cannino 9 Nov 1894 v106 p869
Federico, Guiseppe M W Lorenzo and Rosalia Canino 30 Oct 1896 v113 p242
Federico, Josefina F W Giuseppe and Paolina Dotto 25 Mar 1879 v73 p890
Federico, Juanita   Rosalino and Anne Louise Kennair 29 Oct 1899 v117 p29
Federico, Maria Rosalia Crsitina   Lorenzo and Amelia Larosa 15 Dec 1898 v114 p827
Federico, Salvatore M W Ignazio and Mattea Di Carlo 27 Jul 1896 v116 p281
Federico, Vincenzina   Ignazio and Mattea Dicarlo 5 Jul 1898 v116 p281
Federico, Vincenzo   Lorenzo and Rosalia Cannino 14 Oct 1898 v124 p159
Ferantelli, Gaetano   Paolo and Giuseppina Verdichezzi 9 Sep 1900 v118 p811
Feretti, Annie F W John M and Louise Barbieri 13 Sep 1888 v97 p1001
Ferrand, Alvah M - Justine and Josephine Maggioli 13 May 1875 v65 p952
Ferreti, Andrea M W Giovanni M and Louisa Barbieri 9 Apr 1882 v78 p660
Ferretti, Angeline F W John M and Louise Barbieri 7 Feb 1891 v97 p1000
Fiuri, Mary F W Filippo and Giovanna Cascari 10 Jul 1887 v90 p97
Font, Adrien Mitchell M W Salvador A and Kate E Mitchell 2 Jul 1892 v94 p1051
Font, Edna Mitchell F W Salvador A and Kate K Mitchell 3 Nov 1883 v80 p1020
Font, Harry M Mitchell M W Salvador A and Kate E Mitchell 9 Sep 1886 v84 p69?
Font, John J M W John J and Carrie Zerr 23 Mar 1896 v106 p1044
Font, Maud Celestine F - J Fred and Leonore B Jones 10 Feb 1870 v53 p355
Font, Rudolph Hebert Mitchell M W Salvador A and Catherine E Mitchell 26 Aug 1889 v88 p714
Font, Simon Emmanuel M - Salvadore and Celesta Penuistory 28 Oct 1859 v26 p553
Fonta, Ernest M - Jeanne Pierre and Anna Belcourt 25 Dec 1870 v57 p73
Fonti, Alice Cecilia   Joseph and Mary Thompson 28 Jul 1900 v118 p853
Fonti, Dominick Walter   Joseph and Mary Thompson 20 Dec 1897 v113 p848
Forte, Maria F W Giuseppe and Maria Di Bartolo 20 Jan 1868 v47 p536
Fraisse, Dixie Joseph   Robert and Katie Picone 7 Dec 1897 v124 p363
Fraisse, Edgar Robert   Robert and Katie Picone 7 Mar 1900 v124 p364
Frederico, Giuseppe Lorenzo   Giuseppe and Theresa Tennis 14 Aug 1900 v118 p640
Frederico, Giuseppina   Lorenzo and Amelia La Rosa 10 Apr 1900 v117 p744
Frederico, Margherita   Lorenzo and Rosalia Cannino 18 Jul 1900 v124 p159
Frederico, Pasquale M W Rosaline and Maria Guccione 21 Oct 1892 v96 p1153
Frederico, Vincenzo   Ignazio and Mattea Dicarlo 29 Oct 1900 v123 p1200
Frenda, Frances F W Ignazio and Sarah Jane Hodgson 31 Jan 1879 v73 p209
Fricke, William L M W Wm. and Catherine Martell 10 Jan 1892 v93 p402
Funk, Louis M W Mathias and Anna Barbara 24 Apr 1866 v40 p33

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Gallo, LenaFW Vito and Catterina Razza 17 Dec 1897 v117 p876
Gallo, Louis M W Liberata and Leonora Piaggio 10 Sep 1896 v108 p267
Gallo, Maria   Vito and Cattarina Razza 3 Feb 1900 v117 p877
Gambino, Andrea   Carmelo and Dea Facheri 7 Mar 1897 v135 p31
Gambino, Giuseppina F W Salvatore and Anna Acouta 31 Mar 1888 v111 p36
Gambino, Michele   Salvatore and Annie Curado 4 May 1898 v114 p517
Garofalo, Anthony   Francesco and Calogera Magguiri 6 Jun 1897 v115 p510
Garofalo, Carmela F W Salvatore and Antonina Coltraro 28 Dec 1896 v111 p855
Garofalo, Carmela   Francesco and Calogera Magguiri 14 Feb 1898 v115 p510
Garofalo, Maria   Salvatore and Antonina Coltraro 18 May 1900 v119 p827
Gassici, Giuseppe M W Filippo and Rosalia Caserta 6 Feb 1886 v84 p874
Genusa, Jennie   Giuseppe and Therese Cerino 23 Mar 1899 v115 p1121
Georger, Victoria F - Nicola and Vetter Bonano 18 Jan 1876 v67 p853
Gernhauser, John M W Caspar and Mary Emma Spozito 4 Mar 1868 v47 p345
Giardina, Anna F W Michele and Antonina Schiro 13 Mar 1891 v96 p673
Giardina, Antonia   Salvatore and Maria Schiro 10 Dec 1898 v115 p65
Giardina, Antonino M W Antonino and Maria Montalbano 10 Apr 1883 v83 p72
Giardina, Antonino M W Michele and Antonina Schiro 12 Feb 1888 v96 p673
Giardina, Antonino M W Salvatore and Marie Schiro 25 Feb 1896 v106 p880
Giardina, Donenica   Vincenzo and Francesca Giglio 22 Nov 1899 v118 p724
Giardina, Ernest M W Michele and Antoine Schiro 3 Aug 1886 v96 p672
Giardina, Giuseppe   Salvatore and Maria Schiro 21 Jul 1900 v118 p508
Giardina, Guiseppe M W Guiseppe and Rosa Picone 30 Mar 1896 v112 p1110
Giardina, Michele   Salvatore and Maria Schiro 1 Dec 1897 v112 p133
Giardina, Pietro M W Paolo and Sarah Casano 30 Aug 1892 v95 p85
Giardina, Rosina F W Paolo and Sally Cassano 9 Oct 1889 v88 p552
Giardina, Salvatore M W Giuseppe and Rosa Bilello 6 May 1892 v107 p372
Giardina, Salvatore M W Michele and Antonina Stiro 14 Nov 1888 v89 p472
Giardina, Santa Maria   Vincenzo and Francisca Giglio 13 Aug 1897 v112 p906
Giardina, Vincenza F W Paolo and Sarah Cassano 18 Aug 1887 v85 p744
Graffagnina, Maria Catterina   Vincenzo and Bettina Prima 4 Aug 1897 v120 p1195
Grande, Fortuna F - Joseph and Rosina Spano 29 May 1871 v59 p694
Gratia, Maria F W -- and Josephine Madina 16 Oct 1865 v41 p130
Greco, Maria F W Salvatore and Rosalie Viola 15 Nov 1889 v89 p285
Greco, Pipino M W Salvatore and Rosalia V Randazzo 7 Jul 1884 v82 p114
Grego, Celima Frances   Joseph and Celine Devron 6 Sep 1899 v116 p159
Grego, Frances Josephine F W Joseph and Marie Celine Derron 26 Oct 1889 v89 p377
Grego, Francesca F W Antonino and Alice Martin 22 Jul 1896 v113 p487
Grego, Jacques Paul M W Joseph and Celine Devron 22 May 1892 v94 p145
Grego, Joseph Alexander   Joseph and Celine Marie Derron 22 Jan 1897 v109 p121
Grego, Joseph John M W Joseph and Celine Devun 3 Jul 1887 v85 p970
Grisaffe, Giuseppe M W Michele and Mena Christina 15 Apr 1880 v75 p734
Guesnon, Marie Louise Estelle F - Ernest and Bertoli 2 Apr 1869 v55 p156
Guesnon, Rita F - Ernest and Estelle Bertoli 14 Jun 1871 v58.5 p1227
Gulotta, Joseph M - John and Rosa Baroco 11 Oct 1870 v60 p106

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Hanzermo, Proverensa F - Pietro and Therea Bascari 6 Sep 1868 v49 p40
Howard, Joseph Charles   George D and Josephine Mattina 24 Aug 1900 v128 p973
Howard, William Kenney   George D and Josephine Mattina 11 Feb 1899 v128 p972
Huber, Agnes Cecile   Joseph C and Elizabeth Desposito 3 Nov 1898 v117 p1117
Huber, Mary Louisa   Joseph C and Lizzie Desposito 17 Jan 1897 v109 p337

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Ibele, Frank M W Frank and Jacobina Fant 20 Apr 1864 v35 p441
Ilaimo, Angelina F W Lorenzo and Marianna Literino 24 Jul 1880 v76 p90
Indorina, Theresa F W Giuseppe and Concheta Russo 13 Sep 1892 v97 p599
Indovina, Anthony M W Guiseppe and Concheta Russo 23 Dec 1896 v214 p173
Indovina, Antonino   Giuseppe and Concetta Russo 24 Dec 1897 v116 p142
Ingoglia, Andrea M W John and Gaetano Messina 16 Nov 1893 v102 p770
Ingoglia, Antonino M W Giovanni and Gaetana Messina 8 Jul 1886 v91 p880
Ingoglia, Gioacchino M W Giovanni and Caetana Messina 27 Dec 1888 v91 p881
Ingoglia, Maria   Giovanni and Gaetana Messina 4 Sep 1898 v117 p1121
Ipser, Lilly F W John and Mary E Zagami 14 Aug 1890 v90 p764

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Kay, Joseph M C Lucien and Louisa Simoni 4 Jan 1891 v105 p670
Klein, Joseph W M W Henry and Ellen Campano 5 Dec 1896 v109 p693
Klein, Robert A M W Henry and Ellen Campano 12 Jul 1894 v109 p692

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
La Rosa, Rosario M W Antonio and Carmela Gennaro 29 Jan 1892 v93 p771
Labarbera, Vincenzo M W Antonino and Josefina Rando 12 Jan 1883 v79 p869
Labrosi, Joeanna F - Anthonie and Mary Mango 9 Jun 1871 v60.5 p697
Labusquiere, Marie F - Paul and Nicolette Maggioli 11 Aug 1872 v60 p794
Lacava, Aline F W Joseph and Victoria Billac 30 Mar 1887 v85 p595
Lacava, Anthony Bernard M W Salvatore and Josephine Billao 5 Jun 1886 v85 p922
Lacava, Antoine --  Antoine and Marie Noel ? Apr 1871 v58 p758
Lacava, Antonino M W Giuseppe and Victoria Billic 20 Jul 1889 v88 p91
Lacava, Antonino M W Salvator and Josephine Billac 12 Jun 1894 v108 p223
Lacava, Bernard M W Joseph and Victoria Billack 28 Oct 1885 v82 p264
Lacava, Catherine Elizabeth F W Joseph and Victorine Billac 4 May 1894 v102 p1132
Lacava, Joseph Victor M W Salvatore and Josephine Billac 19 Nov 1891 v93 p187
Lacava, Joseph M W Joseph and and Victoria Billac 29 Apr 1891 v91 p1016
Lacava, Mary Ann Caroline F W Salvatore and Josephine Billic 23 Oct 1889 v90 p333
Lacava, Mary Ann F W Joseph and Victoria Billao 7 Aug 1884 v61 p945
Lacava, Salvatore M W Joseph and Victoria Bellac 22 Jul 1892 v94 p879
Lacava, Salvatore M W Salvatore and Josephine Billac 12 Jun 1896 v108 p224
Lacava, Victoria Antoinette F W Salvador and Josephine Antoinette Billac 19 Feb 1888 v86 p895
Lafalce, Maria F W Marino and Sophia LaRosa 1 Sep 1880 v76 p519
Lagattuta, Nicolo   Antonino and Carmela Labarbiera 26 Jan 1900 v124 p1065
Lamantia, Agostina   Filippe and Giuseppa Longo 11 Feb 1897 v113 p1139
Lamont, Anton M - Gasper and Johanna Spano 25 Sep 1876 v69 p847
Landrisco, Maria Luigia   Giovanni and Vitoriana Taranto 15 Mar 1899 v124 p316
Larosa, Rosaria Aurelia   Giacomo and Virginia De Latour 29 Oct 1900 v125 p967
Laruzza, Cologero M W Francesco and Concheta Mancuso 4 Jul 1879 v74 p90
Leclerc, Marie Louise F - Arthur and Theresa Paraco 7 Jul 1875 v63 p701
Leitz, Hazel Rose F W James M and Rosa Fonti 12 Oct 1895 v105 p978
Lemat, Matty M - Joseph and Johanna Espeno 29 Apr 1866 v56 p803
Leon, Leoncia F - Louis and Francoise Lucca 29 Mar 1876 v66 p857
Leon, Leontine F - Louis and Francoise Luca 14 May 1869 v51 p73
Licciardi, Catherine F W Dominick and Dora Oteri 29 Jun 1896 v110 p410
Licciardi, Francesco M W Antonino and Rosa Muna 6 Oct 1893 v99 p1066
Licciardo, Giuseppe M W Paolo and Antonina Fidele 8 May 1883 v80 p335
Lichard, Robert M W Charles and Lena Blanchard 2 Nov 1880 v89 p230
Lipari, Santa F W Paolo and Anna Cammaratta 30 May 1883 v80 p211
Lobello, Nicolo M W Antonio and Vincenza Taranto 24 Dec 1880 v76 p793
Locascio, Alexandro M W Giuseppe and Antonina Di Bartolo 8 Nov 1888 v89 p876
Lombardo, Maneino F - Gasto and Juana Fallo 8 Jun 1872 v61 p540
Lombardo, Stephen M W Michele and Josephine Yerges 10 Dec 1895 v108 p529
Lonca, Henry Herman M - John and Catherine Corte 10 Nov 1871 v59 p640
Longo, Anthony M - A and Angele Cosatieri 28 Jan 1875 v63 p72
Longo, Antonino Salvatore M W Salvatore and Maria Scavuzza 25 Jan 1896 v109 p282
Longo, Antonio M W Stefano and Anna Vitrano 31 Jan 1890 v89 p611
Longo, Bernardo M W Stefano and Anna Vitrano 4 Dec 1891 v107 p988
Longo, Giuseppe M W Stefano and Anna Vitrano 6 Nov 1887 v89 p610
Longo, Louis M W Gesolomo and Marguerite Olivieri 5 Sep 1890 v90 p737
Longo, Marguerite F W Girolamo and Marguerite Olivieri 14 Jul 1892 v94 p558
Longo, Rosa F W
Longo, Niccolo M W Stefano and Anna Vitrano 6 Mar 1896 v107 p989
Longo, Rosaria F W Stefano and Anna Vitrano 16 Feb 1893 v107 p988
Longo, Surgi M W Girolamo and Margharita Olivieri 26 Aug 1889 v88 p226
Loparello, Dominico M W Paulo and Teresa Mancuso 1 Sep 1895 v105 p705
Loparello, Giuseppe M W Paola and Terese Mancuso 5 Aug 1888 v87 p14
Lopez, Maria Victoria F W Bartolome and Maria Aime 17 Nov 1886 v84 p1030
Lopiccolo, Maria   Graziano and Maria Randazzo 23 Dec 1900 v136 p?
Luke, Angelo M W John and Louise Mascari 19 Oct 1894 v129 p788
Luke, Joseph   John and Louisa Mascari 4 Aug 1900 v129 p790
Luke, Josephine F W John and Louise Mascari 23 Sep 1896 v129 p789
Luke, Vincent   John and Louisa Mascari 3 Aug 1898 v129 p789
Luments, Christina F - Salvador and -- 8 May 1873 v61 p730
Luminais, Louis Abbane M W Edgar A and MArie Eugenie Castera 28 Jan 1882 v85 p542
Luparello, Carolina F W Paolo and Teresa Mancuso 20 Mar 1894 v101 p422
Luparello, Maria Anna F W Paolo and Maria T Mancusso 20 Nov 1890 v91 p965
Luparello, Teresa   Paolo and Teresa Mancuso 22 Dec 1897 v114 p534

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Maestri, Martha F W Francis and Angeline Lacabe 23 Aug 1887 v85 p921
Magerie, Albert M W Anthony and Catherine Heidrich 26 Feb 1886 v103 p238
Maggiore, Francesco M W Francesco and Maria Gratia Amatto 3 Oct 1891 v92 p717
Magola, Charles M - Christoph and Anna Babin 22 May 1876 v69 p539
Magola, Dominique M -
Magoli, Joseph Dante M - Louis and Lucia Antoni 15 Apr 1876 v69 p226
Magorieo, Josephine Anna F - Henry and Violetta Henry 18 Sep 1873 v61 p953
Mahoney, James M W Susie and Susie Cristina 19 Sep 1892 v96 p839
Maiorana, Rosa F W Pasquale and Nunzia Russo 25 Sep 1881 v78 p1020
Maiorano, Itano M - Vito and Marie Labrang 21 Oct 1875 v67 p417
Majoli, John Andrew M W Louis and Lucie Antoni 5 May 1878 v73 p77
Mamfre, Giovannina F W Felicie and Maria Solari 19 Dec 1895 v106 p688
Mancuso, Berto M W Domenico and Santa Liberto 21 Jul 1879 v74 p184
Manguin, Emma --  Gaetano and Amelia Fabre 5 Aug 1869 v54 p30
Manguini, Agostino F W Cayetano and Amelia Fabre 19 Apr 1867 v46 p283
Manguno, Peter M W Jos and Josefina Borsac 20 Jul 1882 v79 p33
Mantia, Augustino M W Felippo and Giuseppa Longa 17 May 1893 v104 p815
Maranto, Concetta F W Matteo and Rosa Simone 18 Oct 1883 v80 p823
Maranto, Joseph M W Matteo and Rosa Simone 26 May 1893 v102 p171
Maranto, Salvatore M W Mateo and Rosa Desimone 28 Oct 1881 v78 p930
Marcianti, Giuseppina Maria F W Silvestro and Angela Amato 2 May 1893 v98 p918
Marone, Rosalia F W Salvatore and Francesca Grego 9 Sep 1896 v107 p795
Marrone, Domenico Natale   Salvatore and Francesca Greco 25 Dec 1899 v124 p393
Marrone, Giuseppe   Salvatore and Francesca Grego 11 Nov 1897 v113 p197
Marsaloni, Antonia F W Damiana and Anna Carravela 18 Oct 1890 v129 p1040
Martello, Domenico M W Domenico and Rosalia Martina 16 Nov 1886 v84 p1044
Mascari, Augustina F - Michael and Rosa Seoler 19 Dec 1857 v24 p258
Mascari, Joseph M W Antonino and Catarina Coci 31 Jan 1893 v96 p1173
Mascari, Mary F W Antonio and Catarena Coci 16 Oct 1888 v87 p316
Mascari, Nicholas M W Michael and Rosa Seoler 18 Aug 1853 v21 p204
Mascari, Rosaria F W Antonino and Catarina Coci 16 Jan 1896 v106 p1141
Matranga, Antonino M W Gastano and Carmela Mascari 13 Jul 1894 v102 p406
Matranga, Joseph   Gaetano and Carmela Mascari 26 Aug 1898 v114 p1051
Matranga, Rosa F W Gaetano and Carmela Mascari 31 Aug 1890 v96 p850
Matranga, Vincenzo M W Gaetano and Camela Mascari 12 Jan 1888 v89 p208
Mauriano, Vito M W Pasquale and Nuncia Ruzzo 2 Nov 1878 v73 p637
Maycuski, August John M W William and Mary Palmisano 10 Mar 1882 v78 p752
Mayewski, Angelina Elizabeth F W William M and Mary Palmisano 22 Feb 1884 v82 p715
Mayewski, Charles M W William and Mary Palmisano 13 Nov 1886 v132 p622
Mayewski, William M W William and Mary Palmisano 23 Oct 1888 v132 p623
McCormack, James Edward M - Edward and Rose Desposito 13 Feb 1871 v58.5 p955
Mercante, Francesca   Ignazio and Domenica Labarbera 28 Jun 1897 v125 p452
Mercante, Giuseppe M W Ignazio and Domenica Labarbera 22 Jan 1893 v125 p451
Mercante, Rosalia F W Ignazio and Domenica Labarbera 13 Feb 1895 v125 p452
Mercante, Salvatore   Ignazio and Domenica Labarbera 28 Jan 1900 v125 p453
Mercante, Ursula F W Ignazio and Domenica Labarbera 14 Feb 1891 v125 p451
Mercurio, Cattrine F W Leonardo and Rosalia Palmisano 29 Nov 1882 v79 p1051
Mercurio, Maria F W
Mercurio, Giuseppe M W Leonardo and Rosalia Palmisano 10 Feb 1881 v79 p1051
Messina, Benedetto M - Gaitano and Marie Dangelo 30 Nov 1862 v31 p284
Messina, Giuseppe M W Giuseppe and Maria Gardino 25 Feb 1883 v79 p1142
Messina, Melchiora F W Giuseppe and Maria Giordina 15 May 1884 v81 p695
Messina, Pietro M W Giuseppe and Maria Gardina 15 Sep 1881 v78 p8
Messina, Rosa F W Giuseppe and Maria Giordina 14 Dec 1889 v89 p230
Meyer, George Jr   George and Mary Fonta 10 Sep 1898 v114 p850
Migliarrio, Ethel   Emile and Mary Primo 16 Jul 1897 v113 p709
Migliarrio, Maurice M W Emile and Mary Primo 31 Aug 1891 v94 p1002
Migliorrio, Laurence   Emile and Mary Primo 20 Feb 1900 v118 p14
Moll, Cecilia F W Joseph and Cecelia Caldera 1 Nov 1890 v91 p48
Moll, Vincent M W Joseph and Cecelia Caldara 11 Jan 1886 v83 p787
Moncuso, Mary F - Joseph and Mary Lodacher 27 Dec 1875 v69 p166
Monjo, Catherine F W Antonio and Marie Mathilda Parody 29 Nov 1866 v43 p299
Montalbano, Domenico   Giuseppe and Nicolina Mancuso 3 Mar 1900 v123 p570
Montegut, -- F - Pierre and Marie Fonta 14 Jan 1869 v49 p514
Moreci, Carolina   Laborio and Agostina Spano 18 Jul 1899 v119 p925
Moreci, Lena F W Laborio and Agostina Spano 9 Nov 1896 v119 p925
Morici, Maria F W Liberto and Agostina Spano 28 Mar 1891 v115 p450
Morici, Roa F W Liberto and Agostina Spano 8 Nov 1895 v115 p451
Morrisso, Lena F W Saborio and Augustina Spano 8 Nov 1896 v111 p716
Mouni, Joseph M - Frank and Conchete Alameai 2 Nov 1876 v69 p1033
Mugger, Sarah F - John and Mary Humphrey 1 Aug 1869 v57 p328
Mull, Giuseppina F W Giuseppe and Giovanna Vitrano 14 Oct 1895 v133 p168
Murray, John Laurence   Richard and Josephine Falo 31 Aug 1899 v116 p338
Musacchia, Anna F W Leonardo and Juliana Gallo 10 Jun 1883 v80 p1
Musacchia, Antonino M W Leonardo and Giulia Gallo 15 Mar 1893 v97 p229
Musimeci, Stefano M W Felippo and Grazia La Greca 15 Dec 1888 v87 p636
Musmich, Giovanni M W Filippo and Gracia Lagrega 25 Nov 1881 v78 p3
Mussachia, Luccia F W Leonardo and Giulia Gallo 10 Mar 1895 v104 p421
Mussachia, Vita F W Leonardo and Geulia Gallo 1 Oct 1890 v91 p186
Mussimeci, Adelaide F W Philip and Grazia Greca 4 Nov 1878 v73 p714
Mussimeci, Giuseppe M - Philip and Grazia Greca 28 Dec 1876 v73 p713
Mussimeci, Stefano M W Filippo and Grazia Grego 6 May 1893 v98 p35
Mussumecci, Francesco M W Filippo and Grazia Grego 19 Apr 1895 v111 p49
Mustacchia, Maria F W Leonardo and Julia Gallo 19 Jan 1881 v77 p81
Mustacchia, Maris F W Nicolo and Adena Randazzo 16 Feb 1888 v130 p633
Mustacchia, Nicolo M W Nicolo and Gaetano Randazzo 6 Feb 1896 v106 p820
Mustacchia, Rosa F W Nicolo and Gaetana Randazzo 3 Apr 1886 v83 p1074

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Nastasi, Giuseppina F W Giuseppe and Lucia Stabile 1 Oct 1892 v110 p518
Natal, Dominick Samuel M W Dominic and Lizzie Vonderhaar 11 Aug 1892 v97 p88
Natal, Irene   Dominick and Elizabeth Vondenhaar 2 Sep 1900 v120 p45
Natal, Joseph M W Dominic and Lizzie Vonderhaar 11 Jul 1890 v90 p972
Norwood, Elizabeth Pauline   Samuel D and Eugenie Barbara 2 Mar 1899 v? p?

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
O'Connor, Thomas Jr M W Thomas and Rosa Desposito 10 Nov 1896 v118 p676
Oconnor, Madeleine   Thomas and Rosa Desposito 28 Jul 1898 v118 p677
Odel, Dorothea F W Mitchel and Rosalie La Rosa 28 Oct 1863 v38 p204
Ogala, Rosa F W Vito and Rosa Bazile 16 Sep 1886 v86 p408
Oiliveri, Francesco Giuseppe   Domenico and Calogera Cangelosi 16 Mar 1898 v113 p887
Oliveri, Ellen   Patrick and Mary Hayden 2 Dec 1899 v118 p514
Oliveri, Maria F W Domenico and Cologera Congiolosi 13 Jan 1896 v110 p463
Olivier, Jules Antonio M C Antonio and Anaise Mogin 24 Jun 1879 v74 p11
Oliviere, Maggie F W Patrick and Mary Hayden 19 Dec 1895 v106 p248
Olivieri, Calogerina F W Calogero and Antonina Diranti 16 Dec 1895 v127 p1181
Olivieri, Dominick M W Dominick and Calogera Cangiolosi 8 Feb 1891 v102 p277
Olivieri, Louis Edward M W Patrick and Mary Agnes Hayden 22 Sep 1892 v101 p1183
Olivieri, Patrick M W Salvatore and Nora Lynch 3 Jun 1891 v92 p236
Oteri, Rosalia F W Vincenzo and Rosalia LaRosa 12 Sep 1883 v81 p556

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Pagone, Marie   Francesco and Santa Palmisano 27 Jun 1900 v123 p?
Pagone, Salvatore   Francesco and Santa Palmisano 9 Jan 1899 v115 p108
Palarino, Vincenzo Giuseppe M W Filippo and Rosalia Fededico 8 Apr 1882 v78 p700
Paleman, P J Jr M W P J and Gracie Campagna 17 Sep 1893 v100 p111
Palipiana, Michele M W Balisano and Giuseppina Mancuso 10 Jul 1896 v112 p681
Palmesano, Angela F - Angelo and Angela Palmisano 18 Dec 1874 v63 p4
Palmisano, Frank Joseph   Salvatore A and Lavania Cantrelle 29 Jan 1897 v117 p1110
Palmisano, Giovanni M W Bartolo and Maria Caserta 7 Apr 1890 v89 p1156
Palmisano, Giovanni M W Domenico and Rosa Burgess 3 Sep 1882 v79 p596
Palmisano, Giuseppe M W Bartolo and Maria Caserta 27 Feb 1885 v82 p854
Palmisano, Giuseppe M W Pasquale and Rachel Fallo 7 Feb 1884 v81 p209
Palmisano, Salvadore M W Pasquale and Rachela Fallo 2 Nov 1881 v77 p1058
Palmisano, Salvatore M W Bartolo and Maria Caserta 2 Aug 1883 v80 p409
Palmisano, Salvatore M W Bartolo and Maria Caserta 26 Dec 1888 v87 p722
Pappa, Antonetta   Vincenzo and Rosa Saia 11 Nov 1898 v116 p539
Pappa, Gioanina F W Vincenzo and Rosa Sish 22 Dec 1883 v80 p1096
Paretti, Antonino M W Giovanni and Giulia Licciardo 1 Jan 1893 v103 p509
Paretti, Carlo M W Giovanni and Giulia Licciardi 17 May 1893 v98 p591
Passalacqua, Pascal M - Giuseppe and Rosalie Frisco 23 Jun 1874 v62 p719
Passalacqua, Phillip Jean BaptosteM  Joseph and Rosalie Frisco 12 Feb 1870 v55 p2971
Passalacqua, RosalieF 
Passalacqua, Vingenca F - Giuseppe and Rosalie Frisco 19 Jan 1872 v62 p719
Passera, -- F W Filippo and Angela Gallo 24 Aug 1884 v81 p953
Passera, Humbert M W Philip and Angela Gallo 18 Jul 1886 v84 p302
Passera, Victorio M W Philippo and Angiola Gallo 20 Oct 1888 v87 p21
Paternostro, Domenico M W Gaetano and Antonina Mancuso 13 Oct 1893 v134 p345
Paternostro, Laurchina, Fm W   Gaetano and Antonina Mancuso 14 Jun 1896 v345 p134
Paternostro, Salvatore   Pietro and Anna Marie Rossa 15 Jan 1886 v88 p583
Paternostro, Salvatore   Pietro and Anna Marie Ruzza 2 Jan 1886 v86 p1201
Pecker, Barbara F - Andrew and Marguerite Barbara 1 Jun 1870 v55 p93
Pellegrini, Giuseppe M W Filippo and Rosalia Fededico 1 Jun 1884 v81 p757
Pensabane, Domenico   Francesco and Grazia Gambino 15 Oct 1898 v114 p811
Perotti, Joseph   Nicolo and Nunziata Verdichezzi 14 Oct 1897 v113 p583
Peteri, Rosa F - Peter and Anna Palmesana 11 Jun 1875 v63 p491
Peters, Rosina Theresa Amelia F - E F and Catherine Mauliek 7 Nov 1873 v61 p1141
Petrie, Charlotte M F W Jacob J and Catherine Jones 17 Oct 1886 v84 p519
Petters, Anthonia F - John and Anne Caretta 6 Jul 1872 v60 p498
Pierotti, Louis M W Nicolo and Nunzia Verdichezzi 9 Dec 1895 v106 p257
Pierotti, Vincenzo   Nicolo and Nunziata Verdichezzi 9 Feb 1900 v120 p764
Pieteri, Marie F - Giovanni and Anna Pieteri 16 Feb 1876 v66 p501
Pietri, William M W John and Mary Carrigan 24 Feb 1878 v71 p1094
Pillitere, Giuseppe   Antonino and Antonina Gambino 2 Nov 1899 v127 p645
Pitri Jr, Antonio M W Antonio and G Pitri 23 Apr 1877 v68 p547
Pitrie, Bertha F W Antonino and Josephine Caserta 17 Sep 1896 v111 p49
Pitza, Josephine F W Vincenzo and Lena Russo 20 Oct 1881 v78 p849
Pitzo, Mary F - Vincins and Anna Rouso 15 Oct 1875 v69 p408
Pizzo, Luiga F W Vincenzo and Lena Russo 26 Sep 1882 v99 p409
Pizzo, Maria F W Vincenzo and Antonina Russo 15 Oct 1875 v89 p366
Pizzo, Vincenzo M W Vincenzo and Lena Russo 4 Jun 1884 v99 p410
Poelman, Julia C F W Peter John and Gracie Compagno 23 Apr 1896 v107 p1115
Poelman, Violet Anna   Peter J and Grazia Compagno 26 Jan 1900 v117 p1091
Pomier, Modeste Marie Zenaide F W H and Mariann Barbara 4 Nov 1870 v68 p641
Pons, Jaime M W Jaime and Caroline Gallo 9 Dec 1888 v87 p1155
Prats, Catalina F W Jacques and Catalina Mascara 17 Aug 1865 v38 p302
Prima, Giovanna F W Francesco and Rosalia Giaraputa 30 May 1895 v110 p709
Prima, Paulina   Francesco and Rosalia Giraputa 14 Dec 1897 v113 p1024
Primo, Mamie   John S and Florence Deutschmann 20 Apr 1900 v119 p800
Pusateri, Giuseppina   Giovanni and Providenzia Allo 19 Jan 1899 v115 p894
Pusateri, Salvatore   Giovanni and Providenzia Gallo 5 Apr 1897 v111 p1093

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Quartana, Marie   Giuseppe and Giuseppina Rizzo 29 Sep 1897 v113 p284

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Rabit, Pauline F - Lucca and Marie Barbere 21 Jul 1873 v61 p863
Raccuglia, Giuseppe M W Filippo and Magdelena Basile 3 Aug 1877 v71 p955
Raia, Giovanni F W Davide and Maria Anna Mancuso 4 Feb 1891 v103 p851
Raia, Vincenza F W Davide and Maria Anna Mancuso 5 Sep 1893 v103 p852
Ranatzo, Salvador M - Natza and Catherine Ranatzo 2 Sep 1876 v69 p968
Ranazzo (alias Costenza), Giuseppe Esposito M W Giuseppe Esposito (alias Antonio Costenza) and Serafina Giacadocca 13 Apr 1881 v77 p958
Randazo, Marie F - Anthonio and Katherine Randazo 14 Jun 1872 v60.5 p782
Randazo, Vincenzo   Emanuelo and Antonina Acella 18 Jun 1897 v136 p523
Randazzo, Anna F W Emanuelo and Antonina Acella 22 Oct 1895 v136 p523
Randazzo, Giuseppe   Vincenzo and and Maria Dimarco ? ??? 1899 v? p?
Randazzo, Maria F W Pietro and Cattarina Salvo 4 Aug 1886 v84 p451
Randazzo, Salvatore M W Marco and Mina Pfeifer 27 Jun 1880 v75 p1021
Randazzo, Simone M W Ignazio and Caterina Carigano 7 Apr 1883 v80 p123
Randazzo, Vincenzo M W Ignazio and Maria Meneo also as Ranatso, Vincent, M, -- Anthonio and Maria Mania 20 Jan 1870 v78 p170
Rando, Atina F W Pietro and Maria Grifforn 23 Dec 1890 v91 p154
Rando, Dominick   Giuseppe and Rosalia Famulara 19 Jul 1898 v136 p1077
Rando, Felix M W Giuseppe and Rosalia Famulara 16 Aug 1896 v136 p1077
Rando, Giovanna F W Onopio and Lena Bertucci 20 Sep 1896 v109 p1019
Rando, Laura F - Dominick and Mary Osaler 29 Sep 1875 v67 p605
Rando, Louisa F W Giuseppe and Rosalia Famulara 7 Nov 1894 v136 p1076
Rando, Peter M W Giuseppe and Rosalia Famulara 22 Jul 1893 v136 p1076
Ranna, Josefina F W Giuseppe and Laura Bagnatia 15 Apr 1878 v74 p12
Reautto, Ignacio M - Presto and Rosa Barraco 9 Jun 1876 v68 p313
Renes, Francis M - Joseph and Kate Royes 14 Sep 1875 v63 p955
Rhone, Arnold Jr M W Arnold and Anna Christina 1 Jan 1886 v83 p671
Ricciardi, Mary F W Pietro and Angela Dina 10 Nov 1894 v105 p141
Riggo, Maruzza F W Salvatore and Stella Compagno 25 Jun 1885 v83 p102
Riso, Maria F W Giovanni and Giovanna Spano 15 Aug 1894 v102 p101
Riso, Rosa F W Salvatore and Rosa Campagna 5 Sep 1887 v88 p420
Riso, Salvatore Jr  Salvatore and Stella Campagno 9 Mar 1886 v83 p1056
Ritz, Vicento M - Juan and Mary Christina 13 Feb 1871 v57 p263
Rivers, Florence   Daugter of Alexander and Augustine Bazile 10 Oct 1898 v117 p1148
Rizo, William M - John and Mary Christiana 16 Dec 1868 v56 p824
Rizzo, Antonino M W Domenico and Antonina Bonina 1 Mar 1884 v81 p713
Rizzo, Antonino M W Domenico and Antonina Bonino 1 May 1884 v81 p713
Rizzo, Francisco M W Domenico and Domenica Barbara 5 Jun 1894 v103 p93
Rizzo, Vincenzo M W Pietro and Rosa Baracce 13 Nov 1881 v78 p525
Rizzutta, Andrea M W Pietro and Rosa Baracca 1 Oct 1884 v82 p43
Robertson, Edward J Jr M W Edward J and Mary J Tedesco 28 Feb 1886 v98 p666
Roca, Eugene Lazaro M - Lazaro and Victorie Bertoli 21 Aug 1872 v60 p611
Roca, Henri Domingo M W Lazard and Victorie Bertoli 8 Apr 1865 v38 p412
Roca, Odile Caroline F W L and Victoire Bertoli 9 Dec 1867 v47 p301
Rome, Giuseppe M W Giuseppe and Giuseppa Pietri 19 Mar 1894 v105 p1183
Romfola, Antonino M W Francesco and Francesca Mancuso 8 Dec 1885 v83 p553
Rondo, Rosa --  Antonio and Rosa Pitallie 15 Dec 1871 v59 p799
Roussaire, Mary L   John and Josephine Natal 1 Apr 1900 v122 p907
Roziere, Frank   Benoit and Antoinette Greco 15 Jan 1898 v112 p683
Roziere, Jeanne M W Benoit and Antoinette Greco 5 Jan 1895 v103 p698
Ruffino, Francesco Antonino M W Giuseppe and Teresa Bartolo 21 Sep 1892 v122 p309
Ruffino, Salvatore M W Giuseppe and Teresa Bartolo 13 Apr 1894 v122 p310
Ruffino, Stefana F W Giuseppe and Teresa Bartolo 8 Oct 1895 v122 p310
Ruffino, Susanna   Giuseppe and Teresa Bartolo 8 Apr 1898 v122 p311
Rumfala, Crucifixia F W Francesco and Francesca Marcuso 15 Mar 1891 v92 p711
Rumfello, Lorenzo M W Francesco and Francesca Mancuso 13 May 1888 v86 p1106
Rumfula, Salvatore M W Francesco and Francesca Mancuso 24 Jul 1893 v99 p542
Russe, Louise Clara F - Gustave and Julia Louie Rossonosky 4 Dec 1871 v61 p379
Russo, Andrea M W Giorgio and Margaret Russo 29 Apr 1892 v100 p1130
Russo, Angelo M W Giuseppe and Maria Lopiraro 10 Apr 1894 v107 p1109
Russo, Anna F W Domenico and Antonina Tardo 23 Feb 1881 v77 p35?
Russo, Antonina   Ignazio and Antonina Bolera 24 Jun 1899 v119 p1123
Russo, Antonino   Domenico and Concetta Graidano 11 Feb 1900 v118 p234
Russo, Arcangelo M W Giacomo and Anna Maenza 23 Nov 1892 v97 p913
Russo, Arthur Louis   Gennaro and Eugenie Alford 9 Apr 1900 v119 p1190
Russo, August Francis Anthony   Henry and Meda Englander 26 Aug 1898 v114 p741
Russo, Domenico   Nicolo and Giovanna Palmisano 16 Oct 1900 v122 p895
Russo, Dora F W Fortnato and Annie Bonano 1 Oct 1892 v101 p851
Russo, Felice   Francesco and Catterina Calli 25 Nov 1900 v120 p1141
Russo, Francesco   Santo and Rosalia Ciaccia 8 Jun 1899 v116 p6
Russo, Giacomo   Giacomo and Ann Maenza 29 Mar 1898 v113 p538
Russo, Giuseppa   Giuseppe and Antonina 7 Mar 1897 v120 p275
Russo, Henry John   Henry and Mada Englander 16 Sep 1897 v112 p10
Russo, Josephine   Gennaro and Eugenie Alford 25 Dec 1898 v119 p1189
Russo, Lena F W Giorgio and Margaret Russo 7 Aug 1890 v100 p130
Russo, Maria Santa F W Santo and Rosalia Ciaccia 18 Feb 1895 v107 p258
Russo, Maria   Domenica and Concetta Giordana 14 Jul 1899 v117 p298
Russo, Maria   Stefano and Giuseppina Saladino 17 Aug 1900 v121 p759
Russo, Mary F W Tomaso and Maria Polite 19 Mar 1891 v93 p960
Russo, Matteo   Santo and Rosalia Ciaccia 20 Jan 1898 v116 p6
Russo, Michele M W Leonardo and Rosalia Pellegrino 26 Jan 1865 v20 p98
Russo, Rosa   Baptisto and Lena Sciambra 29 Aug 1895 v107 p774
Russo, Rosalia Magdalina Alberta   Henry and Meda Englander 3 Sep 1900 v118 p1057
Russo, Rosalie F W Dominico and Concetta Giordana 5 Nov 1895 v109 p86
Russo, Vincenza F W Giuseppe and Antonine Ragusa 9 Aug 1895 v106 p1128
Russo, Vincenzo M W Giacomo and Anna Maenza 1 Jul 1890 v97 p913
Rutino, Rosa F W Giovanni and Anna Spizzale 16 Jul 1895 v107 p50

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Saladino, Accusio   Luciano and Josephine Gallo 3 Apr 1898 v117 p1004
Saladino, Calogera   Luciano and Josephine Gallo 15 Aug 1899 v117 p1005
Salisbury, May   William and Amelia Marstello 4 Feb 1899 v122 p1080
Salvador, Maria Gracia F - Castillore and Maria Christine Grecho 18 Jul 1874 v83 p38?
Saracino, Joseph M - Onefrio and Marie Desimone 15 Feb 1870 v53 p309
Saracino, Pascale M W Onofrio and Marie Disimone 1 Feb 1868 v47 p293
Savaris, Nicoletto F W Salvatore and Rosalie Magiola 8 Jan 1877 v68 p836
Scheuermann, William M W John and Juliana Longa 16 Jan 1868 v47 p192
Schiro, Antonino M W Giuseppe and Anna Dibartolo 4 Nov 1887 v89 p850
Schiro, Giuseppina F W Daugter of Giuseppe and Anna Dibartolo 20 Nov 1889 v89 p850
Schiro, Nina F W Giuseppe and Anna Debartolo 15 May 1878 v73 p132
Schiro, Pablo M W Giuseppe and Anne Di Bertolo 13 Nov 1882 v79 p575
Schmitt, Barbara Rosina   John and Antonia Alaimo V 25 1887 v89 p215
Schmitt, Elizabeth Louisa F W John and Antonia Alima 23 Jun 1891 v92 p179
Schmitt, Louisa Anna F W John and Antonia Alamio 9 Aug 1889 v89 p215
Schneider, Herbert William   Philip and Frances Frenda 25 Feb 1898 v113 p921
Schrio, Maria F W Giuseppe and Anna Dibartolo 15 May 1885 v89 p849
Schwartz, David M W Joseph and Pauline Bertucci 9 Dec 1895 v113 p724
Schwartz, Josephine   Joseph D and Pauline Bertucci 19 May 1897 v118 p422
Schwartz, Lena   Joseph and Pauline Bertucci 28 Nov 1899 v128 p1191
Schwartz, Mary F W Joseph and Pauline Bertucci 30 Aug 1894 v118 p156
Sciambra, Spiridone M W Antonino and Catharina Martina 7 Nov 1890 v99 p540
Scramzia, Marie   Pasquale and Anna Martello 29 Nov 1897 v132 p1006
Scramzia, Salvatore Domenico   Salvatore and Anna Martello 31 Mar 1899 v132 p1006
Segreto, Maria   Filipo and Concetta Biondo 19 Nov 1898 v115 p259
Segreto, Paolina F W Giovanni and Rosalia Zuccarello 3 Jan 1895 v115 p438
Segreto, Rosa   Giovanni and Rosa Zoccarello 7 Aug 1899 v119 p926
Segreto, Salvatore   Giovanni and Rosalia Zuccarello 26 Dec 1898 v115 p439
Seminari, Giuseppe M W Matteo and Antonette Dolveccia 10 Sep 1895 v135 p1128
Seminario, Salvadore M W Mateo and Antonetta Delveechio 24 Aug 1886 v84 p833
Serio, Antonino M W Pasquale and Caroline Giardino V 20 1883 v80 p784
Serio, Nicoletta F W Pasquale and Carolina Giardina 20 Nov 1885 v83 p538
Sicard, Bertine F - Dominique and Anne Haggerty 9 Jul 1872 v60 p568
Sicari, Vincenzia   Salvator and Johanna Carmelo 17 Mar 1897 v112 p359
Silvestri, Francesca   Gasparo and Josephine Russo V 2 1900 v124 p158
Silvestri, Lena   Gasparo and Josephine Russo 25 Feb 1899 v124 p158
Siminero, Pietro M W Mateo and Antonina Delvezzio 24 Dec 1887 v86 p585
Simone, Mary Adolph   Salvadore P Jr and Odile Eymas 11 Mar 1899 v115 p251
Simone, Salvador Louis   Salvador P Jr and Odile Eymas 15 Nov 1900 v119 p602
Simoni, Johanna Christina F W Frank and Lilly Krantz 17 Nov 1893 v100 p282
Spadafora, Andrea M W Agostino and Teresa Russo Au Au 1896 v111 p976
Spadafora, Cattarina F W Agostino and Theresa Russo 30 Oct 1892 v98 p826
Spadafora, Giuseppe M W Agostino and Theresa Russo 10 Nov 1888 v98 p824
Spadafora, Lucia F W Agostino and Teresa Russo 19 Oct 1892 v111 p975
Spadafora, Maria F W Agostino and Theresa Russo 3 Jan 1891 v98 p825
Spadaforo, Rosa F W Agostino and Theresa Russo 23 Jan 1886 v98 p825
Spano, Antonio Joseph   Paul and Julia Hart 21 Jan 1900 v118 p49
Spano, Nancy Margaret   Paul and Julia Hart 30 Nov 1897 v114 p125
Spano, Rosa F W Giovanni and Marie Sunta Cacamo 23 Sep 1896 v108 p86
Spicuzza, Paul Thomas M W Tommasso and Louisa Oliver 92 Sep 1891 v92 p727
Spizzale, Basilia   Catardo and Catterina Caranna 9 Dec 1898 v115 p494
Sposito, Alesandro M W Salvatore and Amalia Castigliola 5 Nov 1891 v108 p685
Sposito, Angela F W Salvatore and Amalia Castigliola 21 Dec 1893 v108 p686
Sposito, Giuseppe M W Salvatore and Amalia Castigliola 22 Sep 1896 v108 p686
Spotorno, Adele F W Louis and Mathilde Olivari 25 Apr 1880 v75 p766
Spotorno, Barthelemy M W Louis and Mathilde Olivari 21 Jan 1887 v85 p705
Spotorno, Catherine F - L and Mathilde Olivari 13 May 1876 v68 p46
Spotorno, John B M W Louis and Mathilde Olivari 2 Oct 1884 v84 p329
Spotorno, Julie F W Louis and Mathilde Olivari 22 Mar 1878 v75 p766
Spotorno, Manuel Garibaldi M W Louis and Mathilde Olivari 10 Jul 1882 v84 p328
Spotorno, Marie Eugenie F - L and Mathilde Olivard 15 Aug 1874 v68 p45
St Angelo, Antonino M W Angelo and Lena Russo 28 Dec 1894 v111 p580
Stangelo, Michele   Angelo and Lena Russo 15 Dec 1898 v122 p41
Stassi, Antonina F W Serafino and Concetta Di Bartolo 12 Apr 1892 v102 p480
Stassi, Rosa A F W
Stassi, Giuseppe M W Serafino and Concetta Di Bartolo 12 Jul 1894 v102 p481
Stassi, Giuseppe M W Serafino and Concetta DiBartolo 24 Jul 1896 v109 p27
Stassi, Maria Elise F W Serafino and Concetta Di Bartolo 23 Dec 1887 v88 p518
Stassi, Rosalia F W Serafino and Concetta Di Bartolo 9 Sep 1889 v88 p518
Stewart, John M W Samuel and Johanna Zagami 10 May 1885 v82 p815
Suer, Henry Joseph   Henry and Mary Zagame 19 Sep 1899 v116 p440
Sunseri, Carmela   Francesco and Giuseppina Lucco 2 Feb 1897 v124 p351
Sunseri, Giuseppi M W Salvatore and Angela Guardino 22 May 1895 v104 p738
Sunseri, Ignazio M W Salvatore and Angela Guardina 25 Apr 1893 v97 p602
Sunseri, Salvatore   Salvatore and Angela Guardina 5 Dec 1898 v117 p836

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Tarantino, Francis M - Nicolo and Georzei Manfred 18 Oct 1869 v51 p530
Tarantino, Girolamo Giuseppe M W Nicolo and Rosa Manfre 20 Nov 1878 v75 p576
Tarantino, Salvatore   Arcola and Gaetana Bandazzo 29 Oct 1898 v121 p1014
Taranto, Angelina F W Domenico and Concetta Genovisa 5 Dec 1896 v108 p478
Taranto, Gaetano   Dominico and Catterina Genovese 2 Feb 1899 v115 p309
Taranto, Giovanna F W Giovanni and Nunziata Fallo 5 Mar 1893 v97 p79
Taranto, Giovanni M W Domenico and Philomena Bertucci 20 Nov 1885 v83 p934
Taranto, Mary F W Giuseppe and Emma Favaloro 26 Jul 1891 v92 p1134
Taranto, Rosalia F W Domenico and Mina Biaggio 26 Jan 1883 v79 p993
Tedesco, Antonino M W Vittorio and Antoinetta San Filippo 13 Sep 1893 v103 p430
Tedesco, Antonino   Agostino and Maria Corso 19 Mar 1898 v115 p1040
Tedesco, Domenica F W Vitorio and Antonina St Felippi 18 Jan 1888 v86 p449
Tedesco, Giuseppa   Vittorio and Antonina Saufilippo 9 Apr 1897 v113 p406
Tedesco, Ignazio M W Vittorio and Antonina St Filippo 18 Jan 1890 v90 p969
Tedesco, Maria F W Augustino and Maria Corsa 23 Nov 1893 v100 p342
Tedesco, Maria F W Victorio and Antonina St Filippo 1 Jan 1892 v97 p48
Tedesco, Rosa F W Agostino and Maria Cosso 9 Feb 1896 v112 p395
Tedesco, Saverio paolo M W Vittario and Antonia Senfilippo 15 Jan 1895 v106 p490
Tedesco, West B M C Anthony and Virginia Johnson 29 Aug 1895 v111 p1166
Terniglio, Conectta F W Carmelo and Giuseppa Giardina 25 May 1880 v75 p901
Thomas, Giovanni Ricardo M - Charles and Brigita Gallo 5 Jan 1875 v63 p78
Thomas, Rachel   John B and Carlie Bazile 3 Mar 1898 v116 p139
Todeschi, Cosima F W Agostino and Maria Cosnia 26 Feb 1885 v82 p747
Todeschi, Severio M W Augustino and Maria Corsa 13 Feb 1888 v86 p330
Todesco, Anna F W Agostino and Maria Corao 5 Jul 1886 v84 p721
Todesco, Salvatore M W Agostino and Maria Corsa 6 Mar 1892 v93 p518
Tommasi, Giuseppe Antonino   Felice and Antonino Gallo 2 Feb 1890 v89 p918
Tortoricci, Maria Felicia F W Bernardo and Gioanna Maggioli 28 Jun 1882 v78 p1008
Trachina, Catherine F - Salvadoe and Marie Corneta 26 Nov 1876 v69 p1153
Tranchina, Antoinetta F   Anthony and Louisa Lucas 21 Jan 1880 v75 p381
Tranchina, Francesco M W Gaetano and Rose Ailama 20 Oct 1881 v77 p105
Tranchina, Francesco M W Gaetano and Rose Alamia 5 Mar 1880 v75 p519
Tranchina, Giuseppe M W Gaetano and Rosa Liamo 16 Aug 1885 v83 p58
Tranchina, Giuseppina   Francesco and Giuseppina Guida 12 Dec 1898 v117 p1100
Tranchina, Rosa F W Gaetano and Maria Rosa Alima 25 May 1888 v86 p732
Trudo, Angeline Ernestine F W William and Annie Bertucci 29 Jun 1890 v90 p459
Trudo, Frank M C William and Annie Bertucci 31 Dec 1889 v90 p366
Trudo, Louis M W William and Annie Bertucci 10 Jan 1888 v87 p351

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Valenti, Pietro M W Ignazio and Antonia Tertucci 16 Nov 1893 v105 p398
Valenti, Vincenzo   Michele and Marie Randazzo 23 Jan 1900 v117 p387
Verdichezzi, Annunziata F W Gicannino and Catherina Turner 15 Oct 1878 v72 p585
Verdichezzi, Giovanna F W Salvatore and Manina Banaco 15 Jan 1881 v76 p893
Verges, Augusta Jose F W Joseph and Barbara Eichorn 5 Dec 1887 v91 p228
Verges, Felix Stephen M - Felix and Mary Ann Momcry 28 Jul 1875 v63 p712
Verges, Hermine Gustave Louise F W Dominique and Catherine Trapani 10 Jul 1887 v88 p825
Verges, Joseph George M W Joseph E and Barbara Eichhorn 30 Nov 1896 v110 p219
Verges, Marie Felicite F - Louis and Louise Fontant 21 Sep 1862 v32 p272
Verges, Marie F - Louis and Louise Fontan 14 Nov 1859 v29 p473
Vergez, Jeanne Marie F W Dominique and Marie Baize 9 Apr 1848 v22 p122
Vial, Annie Marguerite F - Joseph and Anna Stagni 18 Jul 1888 v103 p42
Vivilacqua, Michele M W Ignaio and Grazia Gambino 1 Mar 1890 v90 p801

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Wieland, Frank Gottfried M W Louis and Annie Fallo 20 Jul 1893 v98 p393
Wilson, James   Benjamin and Josephine Barbari 17 Jun 1899 v119 p345

Child Sex Race Parents Date Reference
Zanca, Anna F - Joseph and Margaret Pran??? 4 Feb 1873 v60 p314
Zanca, Felippo   Carmelo and Anna Lascala 25 Jan 1897 v116 p506
Zanca, John M W Anthony and Rosa Martel 4 Nov 1866 v45 p74
Zanco, Manuelo   Carmelo and Anna Lascali 22 Sep 1900 v124 p348
Zank, Mary Anne F W Joseph and Francis Billmann 11 Feb 1866 v43 p254
Zimmerle, Mary F W George and Mary Zacharia 19 Aug 1893 v101 p1175