This presentation was given on August 4, 2010 before an audience of about 40 people.   This was a CSBA outreach event meaning that 120 postcards were mailed to Bertucci households throughout South Louisiana.   In attendance were two Bertucci "celebrities", Peter and his sister Maria Compagno.   Both are natives of Ustica who have lived their adult lives here in the US.   Peter served as president of CSBA for 45 years, keeping alive our society during times when many other IA societies were falling by the wayside.   Maria is a cookbook author and together with her late husband, Sal Compagno, she owned and ran Compagno's Restaurant in New Orleans.   Also not to be forgotten are Angelo Bertucci of Oregon who is an avid genealogist and has prepared several photo collections which were available for viewing at the meeting.   And finally of note is Pietro Bertucci of Rome, who maintains a Blog about Ustica and has been instrumental in creating an environment were people around the world can keep in touch and exchange information and photos.

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