Documentation for
Commander's Palace: A Camarda Family Legacy

History of
Commander's Palace Restaurant
December 2001
Awards and Accolades
December 2001
Guarding a legacy
Commander's replace the late Jamie Shannon
The New Orleans Times Picayune
January 8, 2002
Page F-4
Obituary of
Emile Commander
The Daily Picayune
September 16, 1906
Page 4, Column 5
Obituary of
Peter Commander
The Daily Picayune
August 7, 1905
Page 7, Column 3
Obituary of
Baggio Commander
The Daily Picayune
December 23, 1902
Page 6, Column 5
Birth of Camelo Camarda
Index to Orleans Parish Birth Records, 1790 - 1897 [FF655i]
September 4, 1857

NOTE: Emile is often used as an English substitute for the Italian name, Carmelo (here misspelled Camelo)
Marriage of
Gennaro Lopez and Angelina Camardi
Register of Marriages Kept by the Recorder of Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1870-1916
December 10, 1880
Volume 8, Page 349
Marriage License of
Peter Comardie and Josepha Venuto
New Orleans Marriage Licenses, 1846-
July 14, 1856
VEB678, Pages 37-38
Birth of
Lucia Camarda
Stato Civile di Ustica
September 14, 1841
Birth of
Angela Camarda
Stato Civile di Ustica
March 7, 1839
Birth of
Pietro Camarda
Stato Civile di Ustica
January 1, 1831
Birth of
Biagio Camarda
Stato Civile di Ustica
October 19, 1828
Marriage of
Carmelo Camarda and Rosa Bertucci
Stato Civile di Ustica
August 30, 1827


Camarda/Commander family as documented in the City Directories of New Orleans.   The three Commander brothers started three of the oldest continuously-operated restaurants in New Orleans.   Quite an impressive legacy.
1858: Camardo Peter, tailor, 175 Rampart, fi. dt.
First occurrence of Peter Camarda.
1869: Camarder Peter, grocery, 459 Dryades
First mention of grocery business
1872: Commander Peter, grocer, Dryades, se. cor. Euterpe
First use of the name Commander
1885: Commander Emile, bartender Mrs J Commander, r. 161 S. Basin
First mention of saloon business
1890: Commander Emile, manager, 188 Washington av.
1890: Commander Peter, saloon, 188 Washington av.
First mention of saloon on Washington Avenue, current location of Commander’s Palace Restaurant
1895: Commander Anthony, saloon, 308 Magazine, r. same
First mention of saloon on Magazine Street, current location of Bon Ton Café
1901: Commander Antonio, propr. Bon Ton Café, 308 Magazine
Magazine Street saloon identified as Bon Ton Café
1904: Commander Charles J., saloon, 761 s. Rampart and restaurant, 1300 St. Charles av., r. 1420 Carondelet
First mention of restaurant at 1300 St. Charles Avenue
1910: Commander Charles J., saloon, 761 s. Rampart and propr. Delmonico Restaurant, 1300 St. Charles av., r. same
St. Charles Avenue restaurant identified as Delmonico Restaurant