The Daily Picayune New Orleans
25 August 1879
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The Dedication of the New Catholic Church on Canal Street - Interesting Cemeteries and Addresses - Celebration of St. Bartholomew Day.


St. Bartholomew's Day.

      St. Bartholomew's Day was appropriately celebrated yesterday at the church corner of Rampart and Conti streets by the Congregazione E Fratellanza Degli Italiani Usticani.   This society was organized last April and it already numbers over a hundred members.   Its object is the cultivation of a proper worship of their patron Saint.   Its officers are: President, Augustine Mazzola; Vice President, John Bertucci; Secretary, Felice Bertucci; Treasurer, Francesco Licharrdi; Marshal, Lorenzo Rajolla.
      A numerous assemblance of the Italian population collected from all parts of the city to witness the ceremonies.   A mass was sung by the choir.   This body is under the leadership of the organist, Mr. Loescher.
      After this the Pastor, Father J. Manoritta, delivered an eloquent sermon in Italian.   His text was "The Almighty God has created everything for his own glory."   This was applied to the life and labors of St. Bartholomew.
      At 5 o'clock in the evening the society reassembled at the church, where a vesper service was rendered and a benediction given.

The Daily Picayune New Orleans
25 August 1880
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Celebration by the Italians.

      All day yesterday the little church of St. Anthony, at the corner of Rampart and Conti streets, was beautifully decorated with masses of artificial flowers and a profusion of wax candles, which illuminated the scene.   Besides these ornaments the new coat of paint which has lately been spread over the walls of the edifice in imitation of marble, added to the attractiveness of the place, and the church was crowded by large numbers of worshipers who attended the services held in honor of St. Bartholomew, the patron saint of the Italians.
      In the morning, at 9 o'clock, Mercadante's Mass was sung by the choir of the church of the Immaculate Conception (Jesuits), under the direction of Prof. Greuling.   Very Rev. Father Raymond, Vicar General, was the celebrant, and was assisted by Rev. Father J. Manoritta, the pastor of St. Anthony's, and a number of other priests, who attended by invitation.   During the day the members of the St. Bartholomew's Apostolic Society celebrated its great festival day by parading the streets, headed by a band of music and serenading the Picayune en passant.   There were about 325 men in line, preceded by the Grand Marshal, Ignatius Catanzaro.   The procession presented a very fine appearance, and halted at the church where the celebration was held.   At this place Father Manoritta blessed the American and Italian banners carried by the association, and also administered the Blessed Sacrament to the large congregation.   The sermon eulogizing the career of St. Bartholomew was delivered by Father Aquaroni, of St. Stephens Church.   The society at present is officered by: John Bertucci, President; G. Picconi, Vice President; F. Bertucci, Secretary; F. Licciara, Treasurer.   Rev. Father Manoritta and Agostin Mazzola are its honorary members.
      The society during the evening went to West End, where a magnificent display of fireworks was given.

The Daily Picayune New Orleans
25 August 1881
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His Day Worthily Celebrated by the Italians of New Orleans.

The Exercises at St. Anthony's Church.

      St. Bartholomew's Day was generally observed by the Italian community yesterday.   The Italian Benevolent Society of St. Bartholomew were prominent in the celebration of the day of the patron saint of the native land of its members.   The organization was established in March, 1879, and has for its object the proper observance of St. Bartholomew's Day and mutual assistance.   The association now numbers over 250 members, and is at present officered as follows:
      President, J. Bertucci; First Vice President, J. Picone; Second Vice President, D. Cefalu; Recording Secretary, F. Bertucci; Financial Scretary, A. Mazzolo; Treasurer, F. Riccaldi
      The members assembled at the hall, corner of Rampart and Melpomene streets, and headed y a brass band and the Grand Marshal, J. Catanzaro, and V. Olivieri and A. Franchina, his aids, they formed in line and paraded the principal streets, presenting a gallant appearance.   At 5 o'clock the arrived at the little church of St. Anthony of Padua, corner of Rampart and Conti streets.   A large congregation of ladies in gay attire awaited the arrival of e the procession.   The effect of the handsomely frescoed interior was heightened by the light from numerous wax tapers and pyramids of artificial flowers, the offerings of fair devotees, were arranged upon the altar.   The members of the society marched on, the band playing without, and the organ pealing within.
      After the benediction of the Blessed Sacrament the assemblage was dismissed, and the organization again formed into line and proceeded with their march.   A salute was fired as they passed the head of the Old Basin by a detachment of Company C, Orleans Artillery.   The society visited the residences of their officers and serenaded their friends, halting in front of the picayune on their way up Camp street.
      St. Anthony's Church, of which Father Manoritta is the pastor, was crowded all day with worshipers.   At 9 o'clock yesterday morning, Peter's Mass was sung, Profs. Zorn and Loescher being the organists, Mr. Renaud the tenor, Mr. Rossi, basso and M'les Brocci and Ruffinac the sporani.   One of the Jesuit Fathers was the celebrant, Father Arque and Humbrecht, S. J., assisted, and Father Manorita was the master of ceremonies.   A sermon was delivered in Italian by Father Germin, eulogistic of the departed Saint and dwelling upon the celebration of the day.

The Daily Picayune New Orleans
25 August 1882
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How the Day of the Patron Saint of Italy Was Celebrated by His Devoted Countrymen.

      Yesterday was the day of St. Bartholomew, the patron saint of the Italians.   The quaint little church at the corner of Rampart and Conti streets was crowded with people all the morning and at 9 o'clock Father Manoritta celebrated solemn High Mass.   The house of worship was becomingly decorated for the occasion and the services were very impressive.
      At 2 o'clock in the evening the members of the Italian society known as the "Congregazione E Fratellanza Italiana de San Bartolomeo Apostolo", organized for the promotion of the worship of St. Bartholomew,assembled at their hall, at the corner of Melpomene and Rampart streets.   A procession was formed, and headed by bands of music, paraded the principal streets of the city, serenading the Picayune on their way.   Ignatius Catanzoro was the Grand Marshal, and S. Olivieri and C. Cristina acted as his aids.   Nearly all of the two hundred and fifty members of the association turned out and as they marched along with the bands playing, their banners flying, some ornamented with sashes, and the marshals riding before, they presented an enlitening appearance and attracted much public attention.   After the parade came refreshments and the affair was enjoyed by the participants.
      The officers of the society are as follows: John Bertucci, President; Joseph Picone, Vice President; Felix Bertucci, Recording Secretary; A. Mazzola, Financial Secretary; F. Liciardi, Treasurer.
      The organization intends erecting a handsome tomb in the Metairie Cemetery.   It will be completed in 1884.   It will be of large proportions and built of brick, surrounded by a statue of St. Bartholomew.

The Daily Picayune New Orleans
25 August 1883
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Celebration of the Day of the Patron Saint by the Italian Society.

      St Bartholomew's Day was celebrated yesterday by the Italian Benevolent Association of St. Bartholomew of New Orleans having their annual parade, dinner and religious services appropriate to the occasion at the Italian Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua, corner of Rampart and Conti streets.
      On Thursday evening at 7 o'clock there were solemn vespers, followed by a sermon and the benediction of the blessed sacrament, the Rev. J. A. Manoritta, pastor, officiating.
      At 10 o'clock Friday morning high mass was celebrated, with the Rev. Father Manoritta as celebrant; Rev. Father Chase, chancellor of the diocese, as deacon; and Rev. Father de Mers as sub-deacon.   The Rev. Father Acquarone preached the sermon in Italian.
      Count M. C. Marefoschi, the Italian Consul, and the officers and members of the association, with their guests, to the number of over two hundred and fifty, were present during the services.   The church was filled to its utmost capacity.
      Martin Lusher officiated as organist; Mr. Rossi, basso; Mrs. Rapetto, tenor; and M'me Courtade, contralto.   These were assisted by the ladies of the choir.
      At 5 o'clock last evening the officers and members of the association entered the church, when the Rev. Father Manoritta pronounced the benediction, after which the procession re-formed and serenaded the office of the Italian Consul and several newspaper establishments.
      The Italian Benevolent Association of St. Bartholomew, of New Orleans, was organized in 1879, with Augustine Moggola as President and 35 members.   There are now 245 members on the roll.
      The present officers are:
      John Bertucci, President; Vincent Olivieri, Vice President; Joseph Picone, Recording Secretary; Felix Bertucci, Financial Secretary; Agostinus Mazzola, Treasurer; Ignatuis Catanzaro, Grand Marshal; Salvator Bertucci and Anthony Franchina, Food Marshals; Caloger Cristina, Joseph Bonanno, Angel Fallo, Gaspar Lombardo and Joseph Cristina, Aids.

The Daily Picayune New Orleans
25 August 1884
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Celebration of the Festival by the Italian Society.

      Yesterday was the feast of St. Bartholomew and was celebrated as usual by the Italian St. Bartholomew Society, of which he is the patron saint.
      This apostle was a native of Cana in Galilee.   He was a witness to the resurrection and ascension and returned with the other apostles to Jerusalem.   According to tradition he was flayed alive and crucified head downwards, in Armenia or Cincia.
      The festival of this saint is annually commemorated by the Italian societies.   Yesterday morning High Mass was celebrated in the Italian Church of St. Anthony of Padua, on Rampart street, which as crowded with worshipers.   The cantor of the Mass was Rev. A. Pompalier, of the Marist Fathers, Rev. A. Doutre acting as sub-deacon.   Rev. Joachim Manoritta, pastor of the church, preached an eloquent sermon in Italian, which had for its theme the life and martyrdom of St. Bartholomew.   Louis Elie's Mass was well sung by a choir composed of M'me Braggi and Miss Ruffenbach, sporani; L. Chandelier, tenor; J. Rossi, baritone, and A. Mauries, basso.   The organists were Messrs. Loescher and Louis Gross.
      The members of the St. Bartholomew Society assembled about noon at their hall, No. 276 Melpomene street, and transacted some society business.   They then paraded the principal streets, formed in two divisions, with a band at the head of each, and presented a fine appearance, the marshal and aids being mounted and the guests in carriages.
      At sundown a salute was fired in honor of the day.
      A pleasing incident was the presentation of a handsome gold medal, appropriately inscribed, to Sig. Agostino Mazzola, organizer of the association, as a token of appreciation of his interest in the organization.
      The officers of the St. Bartholomew Society are:
      President, John Bertucci; Vice President, Fedele Barraco; Recording Secretary, Felice Bertucci; Financial Secretary, Agostino Mazzola; Treasurer, John Basile; Grand Marshal, Inazio Catanzaro; Aids, Joseph Bonanno, Calogero Cristina, Gaspare Lombardo, Joseph Cristina, Angelo Fallo, Andrea Scaglione, Salvatore Bertucci, Antonino Franchina.
      At 1 o'clock a raffle for the elegant prizes took place in the hall of the association, No. 276 Melopmene street.   There were 2000 tickets.   The drawing was superintended by Signor Mazzola as chairman, and Messrs. J. Bertucci, F. Barraco, P. Bertucci, many other gentlemen being present.
      The prizes were won by the numbers annexed:
      No. 1576 - First prize- one gentlemen's solid gold Waltham watch and chain.
      No. 1019 - Second prize - one lady's solid gold Waltham watch and chain.
      No. 565 - Third prize - one lady's solid gold neck chain and cross.
      During the procession of the society a halt was made at the residence of Sig. A. Mazzola, No 559 1/2 Dryades street, who presented a magnificent wreath to the association and entertained the members with refreshments.
      The society serenaded their patron saint at the church on Rampart street.

The Daily Picayune New Orleans
25 August 1885
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It's Faithful Observance by the Italian Catholic Societies of New Orleans.

      St. Bartholomew's Day was yesterday celebrated by the Italians residing in this city by a grand parade and religious ceremonies.   St. Bartholomew was one of the twelve apostles, and carried Christianity into India.   He is the patron saint of the Italians, who claim that miracles have been done to the sick who pray to him.
      In St. Anthony's Church, corner of Rampart and Conti streets, there is an altar dedicated to the saint.   This was beautifully decorated and adorned with flowers, the offerings of the faithful.   Many tapers were lit and the scene was a bright one.   Near by there are suspended several pair of crutches and other articles used by cripples who claim to have been cured by prayer to the saint.         Yesterday morning at 9 o'clock solemn high mass was celebrated at St. Anthony's Church by Rev. Father Antony, S. M., assisted by Rev. Father Jacob Lauth, C. I. E., as deacon, and Rev. Father Joyce as sub-deacon.   The sermon was preached by the pastor of the church, rev. Father Monoritta.   He spoke in Italian of St. Bartholomew in his labors for the glory of God and the salvation of man.
      Peters's celebrated Mass was exquisitely rendered by the choir of St. Joseph's Church, assisted by that of St. Anthony's.   Misses Edwards, Burkhardt, Soctt, Lewis, McVay and Mrs Torres, and Messrs. C. Renaud, M. T. Mulledy, Tulley, W. Gowland and Krebs volunteered their services for the occasion and sung the Mass.   The offertory solo, Rossini's Ave Maria, was charmingly sung by Miss Edwards.   Prof. E. J. Newman ably presided at the organ and deserves great credit for the pleasing manner in which the musical portion of the programme was rendered.   Prof. Leo Bickmann, the organist of St. Anthony's also assisted.
      In the afternoon the Congregazione e Fratellanza Italiana di San Bartolomeo Apostolo paraded the streets and repaired to St. Anthony's Church, where benediction was had.   Charles Renaud sang an O Salutaris with taste.   the choir, under Prof. Newman again sang.

New Orleans Daily Picayune
25 August 1886
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Celebration of the Day of St. Bartholomew at Two Catholic Churches - Religious Exercises, Music, Parades and Fireworks.

      The feast of St. Bartholomew, which occurs on the 24th of August, is yearly celebrated by the Italian residents of this city, who form grand processions and attend religious ceremonies in honor of their patron saint.
      Yesterday was no exception to the rule, and from an early hour in the day the sons and daughters of sunny Italy were afoot making preparations for the occasion.
      They went still further.  The eve of the holy day was celebrated at the Italian church, where vespers were sung and a solemn benediction of the Blessed Sacrament was given.  Rev. Father Farini was the celebrant assisted by the Rev. Fathers De Carriere and Manoritta.
      After vespers, a grand display of fireworks was given in front of the church, which was witnessed by hundreds of people.
      At 9 o'clock yesterday morning the church of St. Anthony of Padua, corner of Rampart and Conti streets, which is and has been for years the Italians' place of worship, was thronged with a congregation composed of people of all nationalities.
      A solemn high mass was celebrated by Rev. Father Alfonso H. Farini, assisted by Rev. Father Doatre, deacon, and Rev. Father J. M. Gerlach, S. J., sub-deacon.   Rev. Father J. A. Manoritta, the venerable and nurturing pastor of the church, was the master of ceremonies.   Rev. Father J. P. Martin preached an eloquent sermon on the life of St. Bartholomew.  Rev. Father Chasse, Chancellor of the Diocese, occupied a place of honor.
      The singing was delightful.   Lejeal's Mass was well rendered by a talented volunteer choir, under the leadership of Prof. Peter J. Guth.   The choir was composed as follows: Mrs. Josephine Broggi, Miss Henrietta Segassi, Miss Louisa Pippo, Miss Florentine Barangao, Miss M. Shule, Miss M. Perez, Miss Petrina Mascori, sopranos; Miss Marie Rouffenach, Mrs. Bogen, altos; Messrs. Felix Cohen and G. Von Hope, tenors; Messrs. William Gowland, A. Heidelheim, A. B. Lacoste and J. A. Gernhouser, bassos.
      At the benedictus Prof. Cross rendered a beautiful selection on the violin.   A tenor solo, "O Salutaria" was sung by Mr. Felix Cohen.
       After mass a salute of eight guns was fired by a detachment of the Louisiana Field Artillery in honor of the feast.
      "The Congregazione e Fratellanza Italiana di San Bartolomeo Apostolo" celebrated the day by attending high mass at the St. Louis Cathedral at 10 o'clock and participating in a grand parade during the afternoon.
      The high mass was sung by Rev. Father Palmer, celebrant; Rev. Father Berronnet, deacon, Rev. Father Felippe, sub-deacon.   Rev. Father Massardier, of St. Theresa's Church, preached the sermon.
      The procession passed through the principal streets of the city shortly after 3 o'clock.   The organization of this society was made in 1879, and it now numbers 275 members.
      The officers of the association are as follows: John Bertucci, President; John Basil, Vice President; Felix Bertucci, Recording Secretary; Salvadore Ragusa, Financial Secretary; Salvadore Bertiucci, Treasurer; Michele Venuto, Collector; Andrea Scaglme, Grand Marshal; Joseph Bonanna, Frank Manfre, John Pecone, Joseph Manguno, Giovanni Disimone, Frank Randazzo and Gennaro Lopez, Aids to the Marshal.
      Their hall, corner of South Rampart and Melpomene streets, was last night beautifully decorated and illuminated.

The Daily Picayune New Orleans
25 August 1887
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The Day Celebrated by the Italian Colony in This City.

Services at St. Anthony's Church and the Cathedral.

      The feast of St. Bartholomew was generally celebrated yesterday in this city by the Italian colony.   The occasion is always one of great import to the sons of sunny Italy, who parade and attend church in honor of the good saint in which whose curative powers they have unlimited faith.
      The antique looking church of St. Anthony of Padua, corner of Rampart and Conti streets, is the Italian site of worship.   The interior of the edifice has a peculiar appearance - the altars being very richly adorned and there being an abundance of saintly images and pictures.   The altar to the left of the main one is dedicated to St. Bartholomew.   Among the numerous images there is a lifesize one of the saint.
      The legend that one who prays to St. Bartholomew will be cured of malady and infirmity seems to have been believed and followed.   Daily hundreds of people of all nationalities wand their way towards the little church for prayer and cure.   A glance at the altar of St. Bartholomew discloses the fact that many have received the cure asked for in silent prayer.   Crutches, sticks of wood and the like used by cripples are many, left there by those who no longer needed them, and the ex-votos that adorn the walls are numerous.
      The celebration yesterday consisted of services held in the Italian church and in the St. Louis cathedral.   Solemn high mass was celebrated at the former place by Father Manoritta, who also preached the sermon.   Lejeal's mass was sung by a choir under the direction of Prof. P. J. Guth.   The choir consisted of the following members:
      Sopranos - Mrs. J. B. Bassich, Mis N. Scheele, Miss Z. Font, Miss L. M. Pippo, Mrs. J. Broggio, Miss F. Barrangue, Miss L. Deck. Altos - Misses H. Heichelheim, S. J. Bowles, M. Magner, L. Tedesco, A. Attola.   Tenors - George W. Doll, G. E. Von Hofe, T. T. Coppings.   Bassos - Mr. lacoste, Joseph Gerthauser, A. Heichelheim, J. B. Kelley, Prof. E. Malnquist.   Several of the ladies and gentlemen also sang solos.   The amateur Italian band played at the offertory.
      At the cathedral solemn high mass was celebrated by Rev. father Palmer, officiating, Rev. Father Berronnet, sub-deacon.   Rev. Father Flanagan of St. Peter's church, preached the panegyric of the saint.   the choir consisted of the following young ladies and gentlemen: Misses Clara M. Peters, A. Fougerat, Matie Peters, M. Piris, K. Peters, J. Corney, sopranos, R. Fremaux, also; Mr. Eichorn tenor, and Mr. F. Kitziger, organist.   Lajeal's mass was sung by the choir.   Thesung "Gratias," a part of the mass, was rendered by Miss Clara Peters and Miss Begine Femaux in an excellent manner.
      At sundown vespers were chanted in both churches.   At the cathedral the Congregazione Fratellanza di San Bartolomeo Apostolo attended in a body, headed by a brass band.   The following are its officers: Joseph Picone, president; John Bertucci, vice president; Felix Bertucci, recording secretary; Calcedonion Mazzola, financial secretary; Andrea Scaglione, grand marshal; John Desimone, Frank Manfre, Anthony Lamia, Anthony Clesis, Joseph Manguno, aids.

The Daily Picayune New Orleans
25 August 1888
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      The San Bartolomeo Apostolo Society yesterday celebrated its anniversary by a grand turnout.   When the parade had intended serenading the newspaper offices on Camp St the rain poured down in torrents, and the procession was dismissed.   The officers of the society are: President, Giovanni Bertucci; vice president Anthony Barraco; financial sercretary, Felic Bertucci; recording secretary, Jos. Diconi; grand marshal, Anthony Lamia; assistants, Jos. Di Simone, Salvador Lacava, Jos. Cristina, Salvador Sawjiere.


The Daily Picayune New Orleans
25 August 1892
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His Feast Day Celebrated by the Italian Society.

      The feast of St. Bartholomew, which occurred yesterday, was most appropriately celebrated by the Italian Brotherhood of St. Bartholomew, at St. John the Baptist's church.   On Tuesday evening the house of worship, most elaborately decorated and brilliantly illuminated, was thronged with people and there were vespers and benediction.   At the conclusion of the services a pyrotechnic display was made in front of the church.
      At 10 o'clock yesterday morning the church was gain filled with people.   Solemn high mass was celebrated by Rev. Father Gleens, assisted by Rev. Father Gamberra, deacon, and Rev. Father Gibbons, sub-deacon.   Father Gamberra preached the panegyric of the saint in Italian, his text being "Go Forth and Teach All Nations."   Benediction of the blessed sacrament followed the mass.
      The society did not parade yesterday, as customary, preferring to wait until the celebration of the fourth centennial of the discovery of America.
      The officers of the society, who were seated in the sanctuary during the services yesterday, are the following: Agostino Mazzola, president; Salvatore Bertucci, vice president; Antonio Greco, recording secretary; Giovanni Basile, financial secretary; Calcedonio Malzola, treasurer; Antonio Lamia, grand marshal; Michele Venuti, chairman of the arrangement committee.