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Claiming Louie: Louis Prima's Italian Heritage

Obituary of Louis Prima
The New Orleans Times Picayune
August 26, 1978
Obituary of Anthony Prima
The New Orleans Times Picayune
April 19, 1961
Obituary of Angelina Caravella Prima
The New Orleans Times Picayune
January 8, 1965
Marriage of
Anthony Prima and Lena Caravella
New Orleans Register of Marriages, 1831 - 1916
September 5, 1906
Birth of Angela Caravella
Stato Civile di Ustica
June 3, 1889
Marriage of
Luigi Caravella and Margherita Valenti
Stato Civile di Ustica
August 19, 1884
Ship List of Caravella Family
Passenger Lists of vessels arriving at New Orleans, 1820 - 1902
January 7, 1890
Birth of Anthony Prima
Index of New Orleans Board of Health Birth Records, 1790 - 1900
March 9, 1887
Marriage of
Leonardo Prima and Elisabetta Antiochia
Stato Civile di Salaparuta
August 11, 1877
Ship List of Prima Family
Italians to America, Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports 1880 -
January 13, 1882