Getting Started with the

Ustica Genealogy Homepage

Basic information on the layout of the Ustica Genealogy Homepage and how to read and effectively use the Family Charts

In a nutshell, simply:

Click on a letter from the alphabetic list to bring up a list of surnames for that letter.   Behind each surname, in parenthesis, will be a count of the individuals with that surname.   Clicking on a surname will retrieve the family chart for that surname.   By default only common Usticesi surnames are retrieved but there are also options for expanding the surname search available from the drop-down menus above the alphabaetic list. Each family chart is ordered first alphabetically by the given names of the "roots of the trees" and secondly within each "tree" by birth date.   Children are indented below the line for their parents.  Different colored icons are used as bullets before each line in a family chart to further help delineate different generations.   Click on a spouse's last name to get to the spouse's family chart.   Links from a spouses last name will place that person within the viewable region of the new page.  Often that will be the first line of the new page. Documentation is retrieved by clicking on an individual's first name.  Usually only the pertinent information is copied but some records contain great detail.  There are no links to the actual images of these records.

For your records:
You can print any page from this website from the print function of your browser.  Please note that the family charts do not wrap to fit the size of your screen or paper.  This is done to preserve the clarity of the data.  Try setting your paper orientation to landscape (in your printer property settings) to capture information that is scrolling off the page. It is a worthwhile effort to get copies of the actual records, from which these charts are derived.  In addition to the information provided in the family charts, you will often find occupations, ages, street addresses and actual signatures.   Most of this information has not been copied to this website.  You can also verify that no mistakes were made in the translation and recording of the record. The Ustica State Civil records are available from your nearest Family History Center.  The New Orleans Civil records are available from the  New Orleans Public Library.  Also review the Favorite Links page of for more useful resources.